10 SMM myths that make you waste time and money

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SMM marketing is free

Marketing in social networks, which are rapidly developing and increasing in popularity, is today an integral tool for promoting a business. But the huge number of myths and downright stupid fables around social media create real problems that hinder successful work and development.

In this article, we will look at 10 of the most common myths, debunk them and reveal the harsh marketing truth, which will have to be reckoned with in the name of effective promotion.

10 SMM-мифов, из-за которых вы тратите время и деньги впустую

It would be cool, but not. Staying on social networks is really free for users, but those who seriously want to promote an account or a community need to understand that this will take a lot of time and money.

If you look at other marketing channels, then SMM is still relatively budgetary, however, be prepared for financial investments. The services of a professional SMM-specialist, the production of high-quality content, paid advertising campaigns, sweepstakes and contests – you will have to fork out for all this.

Do you want to try to do all this yourself? Well, since in the coming years you have nothing else to do and running a business does not require your presence …

2. The more subscribers, the better

As Golokhvastov said in his monologue – “Yes, but no!” Working on a daily basis to increase the number of followers of your publics, you need to clearly understand that the priority technical task is not to increase subscribers as such, but to work with their activity. How much will you benefit from hundreds of thousands of subscribers who ignore your posts?

The real goal is an active audience, one that reads the content, likes and distributes it, will increase organic reach and increase the depth of views.

3. Publications should be done daily and more

There is no ideal timeline for posting, everything is deeply individual. There is no point in posting 5 posts every day frankly about anything, just in order not to forget about your existence. This can only achieve the exact opposite effect. Uninteresting posts, and even a large number will force followers to unsubscribe from a boring public.

To understand what content and how much your subscribers need, carefully monitor the reaction of your audience, use special services to identify active days and watch on the example of groups of competitors, watch the spikes and falls in activity, analyze reports and draw conclusions.

Make your own publication plan and remember that the main thing in SMM is consistency.

10 SMM-мифов, из-за которых вы тратите время и деньги впустую

4. You need to ensure yourself a presence on all platforms

Nothing of the kind. You need to be where your target audience and your best customers are spending their time. As practical experience shows, the greatest return can be achieved if you focus your efforts on one or two channels with the highest quality of interaction, rather than squander your efforts and resources on superficial coverage of all existing social media.

5. Social networks are channels for broadcasting

Not at all. To consider them in this vein means to make a mistake from the beginning and build a knowingly losing strategy. Social networks have long since reached a new level, having turned into active business platforms, geared towards sales. You should see them as effective channels for business interaction with potential and regular customers. If people here expect anything from you, it is interactive, communication and customer support.

6. SMM works to attract new customers

More likely no than yes. Social networks do not help to find new customers so much as actively maintain interaction and communication with existing ones. The fact is that the resources of organic search in social networks cannot be called inexhaustible, here it will be optimal to work with those customers who have already become yours.

7. SMM suits everyone without exception

Everyone knows that SMM is a mega effective and incredibly popular direction, this service is suitable (and available) for everyone – from modest startups to large brands, since it is absolutely universal. And here we have to say: “Stop.” Believing in the myth about universality, you can waste your budget for promotion on social networks, and then sin on them, claiming that this tool does not work.

10 SMM-мифов, из-за которых вы тратите время и деньги впустую

In fact, it can really does not work, but it is in your specific case, with your specific business. SMM is ideal for creating a positive brand image, it works great for recognition and increasing audience loyalty, but for highly specialized B2B companies with exclusive and expensive goods, for industrial and construction companies, for brands that produce low-grade products, such promotion will be ineffective.

8. The more hashtags the better

The hashtag feature works great on all major social networks. When a user clicks on a word with a # sign (clickable links), the user gets to the generated feed from publications marked with the appropriate hashtag.

By and large, hashtags are the same keywords and they need to be selected just as carefully (with it is almost impossible to get to the top with high-frequency hashtags, with medium- and low-frequency chances more if you have chosen the right query).

But as for their number, it has no fundamental impact on sales or promotion. Moreover, a post with a huge number of hashtags is visually perceived as not aesthetic and unreadable, so don’t lose your sense of proportion.

9. Even a child can master SMM

Well, modern children, of course, are born with gadgets in their hands, and they become users of social networks before they really learn to read and write, but the work of an SMM specialist is not limited to creating interesting publications and selection of stock images.

SMM is, first of all, a strategy. A specialist must be able to predict the result, calculate possible risks ten moves ahead, test various tools, analyze the results, etc.

A good specialist simultaneously performs the functions of a copywriter, analyst and marketer. If you are lucky enough to find such a specialist, appreciate him.


10. Only short posts are read on social networks

In fact, both short texts and long reads work and bring value. Yes, “mnogobukaf” is not at the height of fashion now, but the impact in each specific case cannot be predicted, it all depends on the subject of the publication and on the specific characteristics of the audience for which you are writing. Test everything you can and combine different options to find the best ones.


Social networks are ready to provide your business with unique opportunities to access and interact with your audience, here you can go to personal and even intimate level of communication with the client, you can achieve excellent results in working on your reputation and all these advantages will cost you relatively cheap.

Everybody goes to social networks today. SMM seems to be a fairly simple tool for many site owners, but it is very easy to make mistakes by believing the prevailing opinions and common myths.

Before accepting any information as a guide to action, carefully check it so as not to add to the sad list of abandoned accounts that have not been able to benefit their owners.