7 signs this job isn’t right for you

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You feel a lack of motivation and powerlessness

Gone are the days when it was considered the norm to work in one company for 20-30 years and then just retire. Today, the periodic change of employers is a common and natural phenomenon. We are developing, changing, constantly learning, and it’s not surprising that from time to time we look for new companies that better satisfy our needs. This has a positive effect on our psychological state. “For a harmonious outlook, achieving a state of flow, each person needs to maintain balance and fulfillment in all spheres of life,” comments Veronika Khatskevich, psychologist, founder of the Online Academy of Psychology, author of the instagram blog @ hatskevich_veronika . – The strategy “I will suffer at work for 6-8 hours, and then I’ll be free” is absolutely wrong for my own mental health. This leads to burnout, personality disorders and depression. ”

You feel a lack of motivation and powerlessness

In this sense, being able to understand in time that work is no longer enjoyable and changing it is a good way to protect yourself from unpleasant emotions. Here are some signs to help you figure out if the job is not right for you.

This is perhaps the first and the main sign of fatigue from the current place of work. “Doing ‘our’ business, we always feel an emotional upsurge and burst of energy even in moments of fatigue, – adds Veronika Petrovna Sysoeva, psychiatrist, narcologist, psychotherapist, Ph.D. , an expert on working with the subconscious, an instructor of Theta-healing® and the author of the instagram blog @ thetalife_veronika. – If he is not doing his own thing, then neither money, nor fame, nor success give internal strength, but on the contrary, they oppress. ”

More often than not, you do your duties half-heartedly

“I’ll just make it so “- this approach to work suggests that you are not interested in it. “In this case, your work activity resembles unloved subjects in school. Then you did your homework only if your mother reminds you and forces you to. And not in the best way – “C grade”, and that’s enough. A job that really suits a person automatically generates initiative in him. He wants to do it as best he can, ”says Veronika Khatskevich.

Returning from vacation, you want to return very quickly

We all we get tired, especially when we do not change the type of activity for a long time. “It is for this purpose that a vacation was created – to travel, to rest, to“ breathe ”. If you do everything right – you are not distracted by work issues during your vacation, you don’t worry about them permanently – but at the end of your vacation you don’t want to return to work at all, or, when you return, you almost immediately want to return to silence, calmness and absence responsibilities, then you should think about changing the type of activity, “- says Veronika Khatskevich.

Think about what you like to do, what you are willing to do even for free – perhaps this is the area where your ideal job is hiding.

You don’t want to develop in this direction

You don't want to develop in this direction

People are very curious creatures. But if you have no interest in the topic of work, most likely, you simply will not manifest this quality. “If in your free time from work you are not interested in learning something new, to understand something that you did not understand before, to read or discuss a special case, most likely, what you are doing is not yours,” says Veronika Sysoeva.

And you don’t need to blame everything on laziness and fatigue. “The desire to learn is characteristic of even the laziest person, it’s just more difficult for him to find“ his ”business. And the lack of intrinsic motivation for development, the discovery of new opportunities, are the bells that you are not interested in this work, ”adds Veronika Khatskevich.

You work here out of lack of choice, not of our own free will

Situations are different, and we agree to some positions at the will of the circumstances. For example, under pressure from others, financial problems, due to lack of experience. If, in your case, employment has occurred just for this reason, it may be time to change jobs. But, of course, if these circumstances, which prompted you to get settled here, have already changed.

Unsatisfactory results of your work appear

When we are “on fire” with something , we always stand out from the crowd of the same specialists. “Such a person is always found by clients, they make a job offer, he is always in good standing. Moreover, everything happens easily, as if by itself. Others who are not engaged in their own business, whatever one may say, do not have such results, ”says Veronika Sysoeva.

You feel relieved at the thought of losing this job

If you have an additional source of income, and your main job does not bring satisfaction, but you do not dare to part with it, psychologists suggest doing a simple exercise. “Try the ‘What if’ method, it’s good at weighing different decisions. If the absence of a current job in your life is a relief, not a loss, then this is the best outcome to think about, ”sums up Veronika Khatskevich.

How not to confuse this with fatigue and burnout

Reluctance to work is often motivated by fatigue and burnout. However, these states are still different. “Burnout is treated easily and quickly, provided that you go about your business and you do not have mental disorders in the acute stage, for example, depression,” says Veronika Sysoeva. – Prolonged sleep, adequate rest, adherence to the work and rest regimen will help to correct the feeling of burnout. As a rule, it is enough to spend a good weekend and be filled with strength while communicating with loved ones. ”

Dissatisfaction with this work, alas,“ cannot be cured ”. Have you found three or more signs from this list? Perhaps you should consider changing your job. But experts also do not recommend quitting “nowhere” – for this it would be good to have a financial safety cushion (equal to 3-6 of your salaries). But you can take some steps in this direction right now: get an education in the area you are interested in, make acquaintances there and form savings, which after a while will help you change your field of activity.