How Good Financial Habits Affect Your Life

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At our school

We often talk about the right financial habits that will drastically affect your financial well-being. Why habits, and not some miracle knowledge or investment? The fact is that we take our work in our school very seriously and are not used to scattering empty words and promises.

The question “where to invest” and “how to invest” we hear, probably, most often. It is not a problem to name an instrument or a couple of instruments. We use the whole range of tools ourselves. But such recommendations work in the same way as a cure for one disease in the treatment of a completely different one. They may not work, or even harm.

Financial habits

That is why we often answer with questions: “do you save money, do you have such a habit?”, “What is your investor profile?”, “What is your investment goal?”.

Many are surprised by the questions, it would seem, where does some kind of profile and the habit of saving have to do with it.

Personal finance is a serious issue that cannot be resolved immediately or in parallel with a hundred cases. Personal capital requires an integrated approach, and you always need to start with habits. If you are not in the habit of saving, you will be looking for money for investment for a long time. If you do not have an airbag, then the investment is at risk, because the pillow removes common, basic risks, and there will be no airbag if you do not have a habit of saving.

We ourselves experimented with different approaches and different investment instruments, started from the very beginning and know exactly where the short road is. It is better to start the path to investment with micro-steps, because there is a big goal at once, especially in the millions, without having the necessary techniques and habits.

As we often say, personal finance work is about two main aspects: Technician and Coach. Personal finance technician and personal finance coach.

The technique allows you to understand the goals and direction of movement in the formation of your personal capital, and the Coach helps you stay on track.

All our basic training courses are implemented according to the “Technique plus Trainer” principle. In the classroom, you learn the correct technique, and in our closed financial club you are trained by our coach, who reminds you to put the required amount into your bank account.

So, let’s summarize why financial habits are so important in our life.

We get the following logical chain:

  1. Habits help you save money.
  2. The money saved can be invested in an airbag.
  3. When there is an airbag, you can start saving money for investments.
  4. When the investment account is ready, you can invest in profitable financial instruments and fulfill your financial goals.
  5. If our financial goals are met, we can enjoy life, family and hobbies in peace.

It turns out that the right financial habits are the most important step towards our comfortable life. Many understand this, but few act. If you are ready to act and get started right now, get started with our “Money is Easy!” Financial game. … This game will become the first brick in the foundation of your financial condition, because basic techniques are being worked out there, and after the Game, in the current month, you will find a free financial club until the end of the month, where the habit of saving and saving is fixed to the point of automatism.