How to reach a million?

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It is clear: this is a provocative headline. How to reach a million rubles of income per month, or just to save a million, cannot be written in one article, and without experience and basic knowledge and skills it is impossible to create such an income and such capital. Therefore, let’s talk about the base and the very first steps you need to take on the way to a million income or a million capital.

Step # 1. Check your condition.

Without diagnostics and awareness of your current financial situation, you will not be able to start your journey. To begin with, realize how you treat your money – save it or waste it at every opportunity. Check the current state of your finances – this is what your past behavior and attitude towards money led you to.

How to reach a million?

Check how you feel about loans – if you give more than 50% of your earnings to pay off loans and you do not have an airbag, you are in a hole in debt, forgive me. You urgently need to get out of it. Deal with personal finances and focus on your money.

Step # 2. Test your knowledge of personal finance.

Suppose you somehow received a million (for example, you followed the steps in one of our articles “How to get a million from the state”). Think about what steps you will take to keep this million around you. Will you be able to do it? In this step, you answer only to yourself, not to us, so be sincere with yourself.

We have said more than once that when people win money in the lottery that they are not used to, after a year they drop lower in their financial level than they were before winning. And these are 99% of stories about ordinary people, we are not talking about any exceptional cases now.

Assess your level of knowledge of holding sums with 6 zeros. How do you think people behave for whom a million or even a million a month is the norm. Where they keep money, what they buy. How do you insure your finances?

Step # 3. Assess your financial habits.

Continuing the topic of habits. We said in the last paragraph that people who earn or keep a million rubles have completely different financial habits. They know what to do with such amounts, how to save them and how to insure. Moreover, they know how to increase this money. All these actions are the result of correct financial habits. The habit of saving. The habit of procrastination. The habit of multiplying.

Such people worked these habits long before they put the amount with 6 zeros into their account. Because at first they acted in a certain way, and only then they received the result. Not the other way around. This is the most common mistake of people who do not yet have a lot of money – they first wait for the result, and then only want to do the right actions.

We have repeated this many times and will repeat it again. First, the correct financial habits are formed: to save, save, increase and others. And then the result will come – savings, income and capital. First you sow seeds, from them you get sprouts and only then fruits. So it is in personal finance.

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What is a closed financial club – this is your money simulator, which, with the help of game educational methods, is fixed and the correct financial habits are formed. Our students learn to save and actually save money for various purposes.

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