Instagram post ideas for businesses that will generate followers and sales

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21 Instagram post ideas for a company’s business account

Instagram, which was originally created as an entertainment social network, today allows large and small companies to successfully promote in the market, sell their products or services. But simply registering an account is not enough, it must be maintained correctly so that the client chooses you from a huge number of competitors.

photos and posts about the product, then quickly enough such an idea will become obsolete. And you need to update it regularly – at least 3-4 times a week. Below we give ideas on what you can write about so that your profile is interesting, the number of subscribers grows, and some of them become loyal customers.

Instagram post ideas for a company's business account

Conventionally, all content can be divided into 4 categories:

  • commercial;
  • informational;
  • entertainment;
  • combined.

Of course, most posts should be selling, but in order to build trust, earn loyalty, in which the client will not even look for other sellers. So let’s get started.

  1. History of the company. Here you can tell about the company itself, tell an interesting story about how it all began or what difficulties it had to go through. Curious situations can also be described. By introducing subscribers to the brand, we make them participatory. They seem to become a part of the business, learning more about it.
  2. Getting to know the owner. Behind any brand, company, success is a person who came up with the idea of ​​starting his own business. This is always interesting, especially if it is a public, famous person. But even if no one knew anything about him before, it’s time to introduce him. These can be stories about the leader and from the leader, for example, 5 reasons to love our director.

Instagram post ideas for a company's business account

  1. Our team … If a product is created by a group of people united by a common idea, then they are worth showing. Tell us about each of them: what exactly does he do, what are his features as a professional, what are his hobbies. It doesn’t matter if you create websites, sew clothes or do cleaning. Especially if clients communicate with employees only by phone or by correspondence.

Additionally, you can ask subscribers to leave feedback on the work of team members – this involves in the process, allows you to correct shortcomings, if any, shows potential the positive aspects of your business to customers.

  1. Achievements. You don’t have to receive prestigious awards to share with your subscribers. You can tell, for example, that today you served your 10,000th client, sewed trousers of the largest size, the children’s team that you support won. This builds trust with customers.


  1. Reviews. Ask customers to leave feedback on your product or service, as well as send photos. Such posts show that you can cooperate, transfer money without fear of fraud.
  2. Behind the scenes. Show the process of creating a product, equipment, how people work. For example, you can show and tell how the discussion of an idea for the development of a site takes place, how a photographer takes pictures during a photo session, how a sewing machine works. This demonstrates that you are not real and that you really do what you say.
  3. Reveal details. As a rule, product cards are unified, you can find basic information in them. But almost every product or service has something special. So talk about it – it will increase the value of your purchase, help you stand out from the competition.
  4. Use infographics. This is both a complex and simple way to communicate something using a minimum of space. Such informational pictures attract attention, they allow you to tell a lot in just one photo. With their help, you can display some kind of industry statistics, product use methods, product specifications and much more. But the tricky part is making the infographics readable, understandable and interesting.
  5. Share your expert opinion. Depending on the area of ​​your business, you can talk about how to properly glue wallpaper, knead hair dye, grow flowers, use filters correctly in Photoshop, wear to a photo session … There are endless options here. Don’t be afraid that you will reveal some important secrets – most users will not leave you just because they learn to do something on their own.
  6. Give recommendations. Recommend an interesting book that you can read at your leisure or to improve your professional skills, recommend links to useful resources, post checklists. This only forms the opinion that you are really an expert in what you are doing, which means that you can be trusted.
  7. Interception of news. It works like this: some kind of an event that is very relevant at the moment, and it is associated with your business. For example, to get a discount on pizza, you need to indicate the code “Euro-2020” in the order. Those. interest in your proposal is generated through interest in the event under discussion.
  8. “Before” and “after“. This is a great opportunity to show the “product by face”. A similar comparison works if you provide services. For example, a hairdresser or make-up artist demonstrates how the client looked before working with him, and how after, a sofa with old upholstery and after a banner, a room before and after renovation.

Идеи постов в Instagram для бизнеса, которые принесут подписчиков и продажи

  1. If you ask, we answer. In the course of work in almost any business, clients have typical questions, i.e. many people are interested in the same thing. You can choose 5-7 such questions and answer them. It is advisable to encourage subscribers to ask you what they are interested in learning. If the number of members of your group is small, and the audience is still passive, just form such a list of FAQs yourself.
  2. Contests, marathons, promotions. Who doesn’t love gifts, surprises, discounts? Such events pursue several goals at once: they attract attention, engage the audience, forcing it to act, and increase sales. But do not use this tool too often, otherwise its value decreases, however, so does the interest of subscribers.
  3. Humor. Even if you represent a serious corporation, letting your subscribers smile is welcome. This can be an anecdote, a picture, a short video, a quote, and much more. Ideal if it is related to your field of activity.
  4. Unconventional ways to use the product. This is interesting because it expands your circle of customers. The direction of such content can be humorous, educational, advertising – it all depends on your imagination.
  5. Congratulations. There are so many holidays in the calendar that from time to time you can pick up something suitable that is close your company. Well, and, of course, do not forget about the New Year, March 8, Christmas and Easter. The choice of a holiday depends on the specifics of your target audience.
  6. Stars and your product. If someone from famous people mentioned your product or service, made a review (albeit a paid one), feel free to use it on your page.
  7. Take a vote or poll. You can ask anything you want. From what color of buttons users like best for this jacket, to their preferences in cooking. It is desirable that such polls were useful to you, and based on the results obtained, what was asked would be implemented.
  1. Make an announcement. Are you preparing a new product for release, do you want to hold an action or another event is coming? Announce an event to generate interest from potential customers ahead of time. Just do not keep the intrigue for too long.
  2. Description of the product or service. Although we have posted it at the very end, but such posts will be the majority. It is advisable to come up with a single form for all headings. High quality of photos is important here. But don’t make the card too long.

Don’t be afraid to indicate technical characteristics and prices – not everyone will write in a direct or commentary to ask what interests you. And this is the loss of a potential client.


Instead of conclusions

In order not to rush from side to side, not to frantically decide what to place today, it is necessary to draw up a content plan in advance. In it, describe all the directions that you plan to use, and the frequency of the release of this or that post.


It’s worth planning at least a month, prepare high-quality posts in advance. Diversity will allow you to attract new subscribers and successfully convert them into customers.