Marine calcium: the foundation of health and beauty

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Where to find calcium. Most of all calcium is found in:

Calcium is a mineral that is found in the human body in the largest volume, the main building material for bone tissue. Interestingly, on average, about 1 kg of calcium is constantly in the human body. Of course, almost all of it is in the skeleton (99% of the total mass).

We usually think about a lack of calcium when we notice problems in the body – with teeth and bones, hair loss, flaking and brittle nails.

If there is a calcium deficiency in the body, bones and nails become brittle, permanent problems with tooth decay and split hair will begin. Tingling in the fingers, numbness of the hands and feet with cramps will begin to disturb – calcium is involved in the work of the nervous system and muscles. It also enhances immunity and reduces allergic reactions, regulates the work of the heart. Calcium is essential for strong bones, muscle growth and many metabolic processes in the body.

Calcium deficiency often becomes noticeable already with the development of osteoporosis, when a person comes to the doctor with a fracture, seemingly out of the blue.

The body does not produce calcium on its own; it can only be obtained by balancing the diet. That is why it is important to make sure that you get enough of it throughout your life. The problem is that calcium is found in many foods, but it is very difficult to assimilate. Even when consuming milk, fish and vegetables, the body will receive only 25-30% of the total amount of calcium in the food.

Продукты содержащие кальций

  • hard aged cheese ;
  • fermented milk products without added sugar (natural cottage cheese, yoghurt, kefir with a short shelf life in glass or paper packaging, as well as products from goat and sheep milk);
  • egg yolk;
  • seeds (sesame, poppy, flax, hemp, amaranth, chia, mustard);
  • nuts (almonds, Brazilian, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios);
  • fish and seafood (sardines, crabs, shrimps, shellfish);
  • vegetables (all types of cabbage, onions, olives, herbs);
  • legumes (soybeans, beans, beans).

Another tricky property of calcium – a blood test cannot determine its lack in the body. If the level of calcium in the blood decreases, it begins to wash out of the bones and move into the blood serum. Sometimes, due to calcium deficiency, osteoporosis is already developing, and the tests show an acceptable amount of the mineral. Therefore, when it comes to a possible lack of calcium, you should focus on your health.

Девушка пьет молоко из чашки

The first symptoms of a lack of this element:

  • tiredness;
  • general weakness;
  • sleepiness even with enough sleep;
  • quick fatigability;
  • decreased immunity;
  • a tendency to bleed, for example from the nose; bleeding gums;
  • unreasonable bruising.

If you do not take action at this stage, then you may notice brittle hair, deterioration of the quality of nails, tooth enamel will become more fragile, and caries will appear.

Calcium is needed first of all:

Women “slightly over 40”. The change in hormonal levels on the eve of menopause, when the production of the hormone estrogen in the body decreases and progesterone increases, leads to aging processes in the body, including increased leaching of calcium from the bones.

For mature and elderly people. Calcium has a certain peculiarity. In the period up to 20-25 years, it accumulates in the body. This is followed by a period of relatively stable state, when the calcium content in the body remains unchanged. But at a certain point, the tendency to leach out calcium increases.

People with great physical activity. This is especially true for men who are involved in bodybuilding. Due to the accelerated muscle growth, their calcium consumption greatly increases, which, if not replenished, will be washed out of the bones.


How to drink calcium correctly

Since it is impossible to get the daily dose of the mineral from food, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes, which contain a sufficient amount of calcium.

The basic rule when using it is to take it with vitamins D and C. Calcium and vitamin D are interconnected: the mineral is well absorbed only with a sufficient amount of vitamin D in the body.

This particular feature of calcium intake was taken into account by the Amrita specialists by releasing a new product “Marine Calcium + D3 Formula from Coral Algae”.

Meet Amrita’s new “Marine Calcium + D3 Formula” – a balanced complex with calcium.

Lithothamnium calcareum red coral algae powder used in the Marine Calcium + D3 Formula is obtained from fossilized red coral algae from an ecologically clean region of France. Lithothamnium calcareum is a natural source of calcium carbonate (up to 80% by weight), magnesium (up to 15% by weight), contains iron, copper, zinc, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins and amino acids (about 30 organic minerals in total) and does not contain heavy metals or other substances harmful to humans.

The main advantage of “Marine Calcium + D3 Formula” is a combination in one capsule of marine calcium, vitamins D3 and C.

Vitamin D3 assists in the absorption of calcium, and the extract of Acerola or Barbados cherry, which grows in India, Australia, South and Central America, is a source of natural vitamin C.

It has never been so easy to replenish calcium reserves in the body – one capsule of “Marine Calcium + D3 Formula” from Amrita covers his daily requirement. On the eve of winter and winter ice, when the risk of falls and fractures increases, take care of yourself, strengthen yourself with calcium in the literal sense of the word.

Be healthy, take care of the calcium balance – and it will provide balance in your body.