Nutrition for diabetes: what vitamins and minerals should be included in the diet?

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Diabetes diet

“Diabetes” – the first time they hear this diagnosis, many people panic: they will have to change their lifestyle once and for all and give up eating pleasure. In fact, it is not necessary to exclude your favorite foods from the diet; it is enough to adhere to a balanced diet based on the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Why is diet important in diabetes? There are different types of this disease, but the most common are types 1 and 2.

  1. In type 1 diabetes, the cells of the immune system attack the beta cells of the pancreas, which causes an insulin deficiency, and the diabetic is forced to obtain a vital hormone from external sources. This type of diabetes is called insulin dependent.
  2. With diabetes mellitus 2, the patient develops insulin resistance – the insensitivity of the body’s cells to insulin. Insulin resistance occurs as a result of an excess of carbohydrates. People with this type of diabetes often suffer from obesity and high levels of bad cholesterol. In more than 70% of cases, this type of disease does not require insulin injections, and a person’s condition is regulated by a proper diet.

A diabetic, like any healthy person, should receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals . Age, gender, degree of physical activity, presence or absence of excess weight and a number of other factors are taken into account by the doctor when prescribing a diet.

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Nutrition for type 2 diabetes mellitus is based on two basic principles: do not overeat and do not starve; cut down on sweets.

  1. Avoid alcohol, juice, soft drinks and soda.
  2. Reduce the consumption of sweet and fatty foods, sweeteners are allowed to be added to the diet in consultation with your doctor. Please note that even coffee and tea should be drunk without sugar and cream, and sweet fatty desserts should be replaced with fruit ones.
  3. Choose foods that contain vegetable rather than animal fats.
  4. Try to consume more carbohydrates in the morning, and make your meals equal in calories.

Diabetes diet

This table will help you navigate the daily menu:

Patients with type 2 diabetes are also advised to control their fluid intake and drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day.

What vitamins should be included in a diabetic’s diet?

Lack of vitamins in healthy people also causes a deterioration in well-being and can lead to serious illnesses. In diabetes mellitus, the need for nutrients is more pronounced. The reason for this is dietary restrictions, metabolic disorders, medication, and health problems associated with diabetes. Depending on the form of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, the doctor prescribes a complex of nutrients .

Micronutrients for Diabetics:

Vitamin A

Needed to maintain visual acuity, which is often reduced due to this disease, vitamin A strengthens the immune system , improves microcirculation.

Vitamin E

One of the most powerful antioxidants. Protects body cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, helps to avoid complications of the disease, normalizes blood pressure and blood circulation.

Vitamins of group B

The best vitamins for diabetes, participating in metabolism and helping the work of various organs and systems. Elevated glucose levels and treatment with drugs that lower blood sugar levels impair the absorption of these micronutrients:

  • vitamin B1 normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, improves blood circulation;
  • B2 stimulates the synthesis of hemoglobin, protects the organs of vision, normalizes the digestive tract;
  • B3 strengthens the vascular wall, helps lower cholesterol;
  • B5 controls adrenal function, has an anti-stress effect;
  • B6 prevents problems with the functioning of the nervous system , increases the absorption of insulin;
  • B7 increases insulin activity and regulates energy metabolism;
  • B9 improves blood circulation and has a regenerative effect;
  • B12 improves the digestive tract, normalizes appetite.

Vitamin C

It has a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood clotting, increases insulin activity.

Vitamin D

Helps the absorption of calcium, activates the synthesis of hormones, improves the condition and color of the skin, has a positive effect on the condition of teeth and bones, and helps the heart to function properly.

Amrit Diabal Glucose Control

Especially for maintaining health in diabetes, controlling glucose levels and normalizing metabolism, Amrita specialists have developed a natural and safe Diabalance product. The herbal components of this dietary complex are able to lower blood glucose levels in both type 2 and type 1 diabetes.

“Diabalance” helps to reduce the body’s need for synthetic drugs, it reduces the absorption of glucose and lipids in the intestine, activates the utilization of glucose by cells and reduces glycemic symptoms.

Active ingredients of the dietary supplement:

  1. Forest Gymnema helps to lower blood glucose levels.
  2. Mesh salation reduces intestinal absorption of carbohydrates, lowers postprandial blood glucose levels and helps normalize blood sugar.
  3. Jerusalem artichoke has an active sorption effect, is able to bind and remove various toxins from the body, in addition, the plant has a special complex of carbohydrates from fructose, which has a positive effect on the condition of patients with diabetes.
  4. Chromium Picolinate stimulates the production of insulin and increases its activity, increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin.
  5. Vitamins A, C and B vitamins essential for diabetes.

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