Peeling nails: several reasons you should know about

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How nail foliation manifests itself

Healthy nails are a natural aesthetic and a sign of health. Exfoliating nails are an indicator that is important to pay attention to in time. What is the reason for the delamination of marigolds and how to properly solve the problem, read our article.

A woman learns to look perfect almost from infancy. Hand, skin and hair care is a whole science that is comprehended and improved every day. Any change in the body is always clearly recorded, and foliation of nails is a serious reason to carefully analyze the state of health.

The nail plate is a keratin-protein formation of β-keratin, water and minerals – zinc, selenium , cholesterol, calcium , phosphorus and sulfur. Violation of this balance in the body leads to disturbances in the structure of the nail plates: splitting into separate leaf-shaped scales occurs. When cellular nutrition is disturbed, the nails not only exfoliate, but also change their shape, thickness and color, grooves and voids appear in them.

Separation of nails can be transverse – onychoshisis, longitudinal – onychorexia, onychomadesis on the side opposite to the free edge, and onycholysis – partial or complete detachment from the nail bed.

“Nails are peeling – what to do ?!”

This is not even a question, but a call to action. First, determine the cause of the foliation of the marigolds. It can be:

  1. External.
  2. Internal.
  3. Psychological.

Among the external causes of influence on the condition of nails, we single out the most common:

  1. Too frequent contact with household chemicals – washing dishes and cleaning without gloves.
  2. For a decorative coating, use varnishes with formaldehydes and other aggressive chemical components that destroy the nail plates, provoke brittle and flaky nails.
  3. Use acetone-based nail polish removers.
  4. Bruising or trauma.
  5. Working with the ground without gloves will cause dry, brittle and flaky nails.

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Internal reasons can be deeply hidden. But nothing will prevent you from identifying them in order to return the nails to a healthy state.

  1. Too strict diet. Diet restriction in order to lose weight always affects the condition of nails, hair and skin. Therefore, carefully monitor the balance of vitamins , nutrients and minerals.
  2. Diseases of internal organs. Flaky nails can be the first sign of a problem in the body, so it is worth checking with your doctor.
  3. Imbalance of hormones in pregnant women and adolescents, during lactation and menopause.
  4. Nicotine, alcohol, drugs destroy the entire body, including nails.
  5. A number of skin diseases – psoriasis, fungus, lichen and many others damage the nail plates on the hands and feet.

What makes nails peel off – a psychological factor

It is banal, but a fact – stress is very bad for the state of the body. Too many worries about and without it quickly make themselves felt with hair loss, dull skin and rashes, flaking and brittle nails. It is not always possible to avoid anxiety and stress , but you need to take care of yourself.

Among psychological factors, there are two more very significant ones. This is onychotillomania – the desire to break and destroy nails, and onychophagia – the habit of biting nails.

The main reasons why nails exfoliate: types of diseases

It is important to understand that any of the nail diseases and the method of its treatment cannot be diagnosed on their own. Entrust this responsibility to a specialist.

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  1. Onychodystrophy. This is not even a disease, but a condition in which the nail plates lack nutrients, they lose their natural shine, elasticity and density, grow slowly, and the tips are constantly splitting into thin tiny scales. This condition is called “unhealthy nails syndrome”, and it is this that speaks of abnormalities in the body.
  2. Koilonychia – the thickness and color of the nail plate does not change, but a depression or depression appears in its center.
  3. The nail plates become soft, and the free edges break easily and exfoliate – this is how hapalonychia manifests itself.
  4. Looseness, dullness, roughness and strong stratification of the nail plates are signs of trachyonychia.
  5. Nails become very thick, the plate moves away from the nail bed, an unattractive yellow-brown color appears, growth slows down – this is how scleronychia manifests itself.

Treatment of peeling nails should always take place under the strict supervision of a specialist.

What vitamins will help eliminate flaking of nails

Vitamins of group B are necessary for healthy nails: B3, B6, B7:

  • lack of vitamin B3 – niacin – slows down the growth of nails;
  • with a lack of vitamin B6, the nails become brittle, dry and rough;
  • a lack of biotin – vitamin B7 – is the direct cause of lamination of nails.

Vitamin C is needed for the synthesis of its own collagen in the structure of the nails.

E is an antioxidant, essential for flexibility, uniform color and natural shine of nails.

D – necessary for growth, strength, beautiful shape and density of the marigold.

A – stimulates nail growth.

For healthy nails, not only vitamins are needed. Minerals play a very important role in this matter.

Calcium – strong and healthy marigolds.

Silicon is responsible for strength, hardness and elasticity.

Iron – for even relief and density, neat shape.

Zinc – strengthens, protects against white spots, stimulates the formation of new nail material.

Glycine, alanine, cysteine ​​are substances that must be regularly supplied to the body to keep nails healthy and strong.

Problem prevention

Vitamins from lamination of nails, the use of special beauty products for external care is a healing and strengthening that needs to be provided.

  1. A correct, nutritious diet is the best prevention of health. And not only nails, but the whole organism. Vitamins and minerals for marigolds are found in fish, eggs, cottage cheese, meat, milk and other dairy products. Broccoli, spinach, legumes, whole wheat, hard cheese, seafood, nuts are also a source of nutrients.
  2. Make manicure and pedicure only with a trusted master.
  3. Healthy sleep, walks in the fresh air, quality rest are also prevention of nail health.
  4. Break between nail art – at least 2 weeks.
  5. For decorative coating, use only high-quality varnishes and gel varnishes.
  6. Do all household chores with gloves.
  7. Hand Cream is a must.

Vitamins for lamination of nails

In Amrita’s assortment you will always find high-quality vitamin complexes for the health and beauty of nails.

Beauty Balance is a luxurious formula of vitamins and minerals. The composition of the preparation is rich in natural ingredients, thanks to which not only marigolds, but also hair and skin acquire a healthy look, and the body receives enough energy for renewal.

“Omega 3 formula” – regular use of the drug strengthens the immune system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, health of the skin, nails and hair. Just a capsule a day is enough to preserve the radiance of youth and beauty for many years.

Take care of yourself – this is not selfishness, but a reasonable attitude towards your body and life. At the first signs of marigold foliation, the best solution is to consult a professional. And remember: vitamins are friends that help to maintain youth, beauty and health.

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