Self-deception is especially good when it can be shared with others, or why the electric car does not have a bright future.

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self deception is especially good when it can be shared with others or why the electric car does not have a bright future 61b17acf6d0b9


one of our neighbors became the proud owner of an electric car: a cute little crumbs not made in Russia. I inquired about the costs of his new acquisition.

He began to talk in detail about the fact that he had been preparing for the purchase of a car for a long time: first he built solar panels on his roof to use excess electricity to charge the future car, then he bought a bunch of different devices so that this charging can be carried out. He listed many details that I did not remember, but I remember well the final amount that he had to pay for everything together, including the purchase of the car itself: almost 100 thousand euros.

People are dear, but with this money you can buy a luxury car and drive it for a long time, comfortably and far, without thinking about where you can find the next place to refuel. After all, you can’t go far in an electric car, only in the city or in the city next door. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a second car with a classic engine in order to make long trips. Therefore, our neighbor could not refuse a second car with an internal combustion engine.


An electric car is at a gas station, which takes a lot of time.

The neighbor is sincerely convinced that he is doing a good deed to protect the environment. Many Germans are even willing to go to the additional costs inevitable when buying and operating an electric car, just to do their bit to reduce the concentration of the notorious carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. I don’t know how things are in Russia, but in Germany, in order to refuel an electric car at a charging station, you have to pay several times more per kilowatt-hour than for electricity from a household outlet.

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Car charging stations can be found right in the middle of the city

The battery in an electric car also does not promise to live long, besides, many manufacturers use a well-known trick: if your battery loses its efficiency up to 80%, then you receive a message that the inevitable time has come to replace him. So it would be a joke to call the operation of electric vehicles economical.

It wouldn’t be so sad if electrically powered cars really helped keep our planet clean. Manufacturers and retailers come up with a host of noble promises: no exhaust pipes, no harmful emissions, no waste of fossil resources.

This is where the most interesting thing begins: people who buy electric cars do not particularly think about the process of its production, and the manufacturers themselves, with rare exceptions, such as BMW, are modestly silent about this juicy detail.

electric car

“Refueling” an electric vehicle outside the home is expensive.

It would seem that no one is checking how green these vaunted electric vehicles really are. But it turned out that the green-minded Swedes had already answered this question three years ago. They are meticulous guys, so they decided to analyze everything very scrupulously and this is what they got.

Stockholm Institute for Environmental Studies IVL reported an interesting thing that with the mere production of a huge battery for Tesla’s electric car, 17 tons of carbon dioxide are sent into the atmosphere! As a result, its battery does the same harm to the environment as a modern car with a gasoline or diesel engine after it has driven 200,0000 km.

Researchers from the German Institute Frauenhof ISI continued the baton of Swedish scientists. The well-known German television channel WDR reported on their results: scientists calculated how much mileage an electric car should make before it turns out to be more environmentally friendly in terms of carbon dioxide emissions compared to a car with a gasoline engine. Judge for yourself, the results were impressive :

  • An electric vehicle with a battery capacity of only 40 kilowatt-hours, which is charged through an outlet, must complete a mileage of 72,000 km.
  • An electric vehicle with a 58 kWh battery will need 100,000 km of mileage.
  • And a large electric vehicle with a 95 kWh battery would have to travel 166,000 km for the vehicle to be beneficial to the climate, in this case versus a diesel vehicle.

The conclusion of the researchers sounds like this: during the production of an electric car, there is a massive destruction of the environment, which is twice the destruction that occurs in the production of a car with a classic internal engine combustion. For the production of batteries in electric vehicles are used rare natural compounds such as lithium and cobalt, the extraction and processing of which is an additional burden for the environment. And the bigger the battery, the more harm.

According to scientists, the picture is unambiguously clear: from an environmental point of view, the trend for electric vehicles with their ever-increasing range of range is completely absurd. Replacing the tank with a battery, in their opinion, is by no means a solution to the environmental problem.

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Using electric current to charge a battery is also far from environmentally friendly, since more than half of Germany’s electricity reserves are generated by burning coal and natural gas.

Saving this world through the use of electric vehicles is a great idea, which sadly breaks down when faced with reality. Through the promise that electric vehicles are favorable affect the climate of our planet, their creators manage to attract new, idealistic buyers. And to be honest, driving an electric car is becoming a new fashion trend, especially in Germany. But not everyone can afford it.

Eco-friendly electric cars will only become environmentally friendly when they do not use fossil resources to refuel them, and renewable energy resources are used for their production. This will take years. Until that happens, clean electric vehicles are just a beautiful illusion. But you must admit that self-deception is especially good when it can be shared with others .

Map of charging stations for electric vehicles

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