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What is title copyright?

The name of a company, organization or enterprise is, first of all, an external reflection that a consumer immediately encounters. Therefore, it is so important that the owners create and design the name correctly and efficiently. Of course, this copyright object should be bright and memorable, as well as reflect the main features of the company’s activities.

In this article, we will talk in detail about all the features of copyright for a title. Interesting? Then read on!

The name, like any other intellectual property object, must go through the registration procedure with Ukrpatent. Many are wondering why this is needed. First of all, this will provide you with a guarantee that unscrupulous competitors will not be able to use your name. In addition, a title of protection provides a number of tremendous advantages.

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Авторское право на название

So, the brand name is one of the objects of intellectual property. This object can be attributed to the concept of a trademark.

The brand name is the name of the company that appears at the time of the registration of the company. Please be aware that the title cannot be sold or transferred for use to third parties.

Business owners often ask the question – how to protect their name. The name cannot provide you with the protection of the materials itself or the unique style. To do this, you need to register your company name as a trademark.

How is the copyright registration of the title carried out?

Copyright to the name of the company has a special procedure. The first step is to check if there are any similar or similar names among existing registered companies. This can be done using special registers that systematize all registrations and registration applications.

In addition, in order to register a name, it is necessary to collect a certain list of documents required for filing an application and, accordingly, the registration itself.

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What documents do I need to provide?

So, let’s also discuss what documents you need to collect to register the copyright for a company name.

The list of required documents contains:

  1. Copyright application. This document must be drawn up in accordance with the procedure established by law. In addition, the application must be certified by the signature exclusively of the person who wishes to obtain the copyright in the title .
  2. A copy (layout or image) of the intellectual property object (in our case, the name), which is indicated in the application for registration of copyright. Please be aware that legal order requires this copy to be submitted with the title page.
  3. Agreement, certified and executed in the manner approved by Ukrainian legislation.
  4. Documents that will confirm the fact of your payment of all government taxes and fees related to the registration procedure.

Copyright registration with an expert

If you have made the decision to seek help from the appropriate specialist, then you will greatly simplify your task. In this case, the registration procedure will be as follows:

  1. Meeting with an expert, discussing the problem and concluding an appropriate contract for the provision of services.
  2. Submission of all necessary documents and information for review and subsequent registration.
  3. Execution of the registration procedure at Ukrpatent (this procedure is carried out by a specialist), obtaining the corresponding document (Certificate of Registration).
  4. Transfer of the Certificate of Copyright issued by Ukrpatent by the expert to the customer.

Why is a title copyright registration necessary?

Why do I need to register a company name? This issue worries many owners, because it takes some time and costs money. However, if you want to protect your property, name and unique developments, this must be done. Why? It’s worth looking into.

Today, there are situations when someone else’s author’s work is used, passing them off as their own. If your name is registered and has the appropriate Certificate, you can not worry about the integrity, because copyright provides some legal protection. Competitors and ill-wishers will not be able to take advantage of your developments so easily. In such a situation, in court, on the basis of the available Certificate, you can obtain compensation and oblige the offender to certain liability.

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