Types of Videos for Business Promotion on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

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Instructional video

Since the time when mobile phone cameras began to shoot videos of high enough quality, video marketing has become a separate area used to promote goods and services.

Here are just some of the facts that make you think about whether you should take your smartphone and start right now:

  • YouTube is the third most visited site in the world after Google and Facebook, and the world’s first search engine for video content;
  • About 500 million people view video content on Facebook every day;
  • several times more views than text and photos combined;
  • 64% of users make a purchase decision after watching a video with reviews or recommendations;
  • The use of video in promotion is possible for 99% of companies (let’s leave this 1% just in case).

Video content allows you to acquaint users with a company, its products or services, with its help you can increase loyalty, form expertise, and solve a large number of other important tasks. We have already written about the advantages of this channel in more detail in the blog.

Типы видео для продвижения бизнеса на Youtube, Facebook и Instagram

But from starting to record a video, one little thing separates you – you need to know what type of content to choose. In this article, we will answer this important question, which largely determines the success of video marketing.

A universal option that will suit almost everyone. These can be guides, master classes, instructions. For example, a hardware store can tell you how to perform certain operations, use tools, various tools, etc. Cooking workshops are suitable for grocery companies.

The popularity of such videos lies in the fact that people often use the Internet to find information of interest, they love to learn something new. Educational content is native advertising, and trust in it and much more than in direct manifestations.

Ideas for videos can be drawn from search semantics – it will tell you what the target audience is most interested in. Do not overuse the length of the video – it is better to shoot short but informative footage.

2. Entertainment content

Entertainment is loved most of all, so such videos should not be neglected. Even if you represent a serious company, this does not mean that you only need to be serious. Do not be afraid to show yourself funny – this will only get closer to your customers.

Start a corporate flash mob, dance or sing. You can even shoot a parody of your own ad – if it is funny and successful, it will go viral content. Even a smartphone, mood and creativity are enough for this. Cutting from “bad” shots during the shooting of commercials or other video is also well received – remember how funny it is at the end of films to watch the actors laugh and laugh?

Movies and cartoons are another area of ​​entertainment videos. Due to their high cost, only large organizations can afford them. One of such striking examples is the TV series “Vilna Groshi”, the customer of which is the investment company “Freedom Finance Ukraine”.

Типы видео для продвижения бизнеса на Youtube, Facebook и Instagram

3. Informational videos

This video is used to tell as much as possible about a product or service. The presentation format can be different:

  • Reviews. Often used to demonstrate technology, its functionality and capabilities. Another avenue is comparing multiple products with similar characteristics.
  • Demo. This is how your product works. These videos not only tell, but show how to use the product correctly, what the result will be.
  • Explanations. This format is more suitable for various services and services. For example, videos from the Wix.com cloud platform.
  • Q&A. The implementation of this format can be different: live broadcasts in which an expert answers the most important questions about a product or service, an interview, or a rather complex production video (you can even use animation).
  • Video infographics. These are essentially slides with explanations. In order to interest the user, the information provided there must be practical, interesting and relevant. Works well in B2B markets when you provide potential customers with research results, dynamics before and after using your product.
  • Informational videos can be used manufacturers, distributors, stores (including online stores). It will help in the promotion of new products and services, at the stage when potential users and buyers are just getting to know new products.

4. Life hacks

In fact, life hacks can be classified as educational content, but due to the peculiarities of such videos, we have placed them in a separate category. Among these are the unusual methods of using the product. For example, removing stains with wine vinegar.

On the one hand, it is easy to shoot such videos – a mobile phone is enough. On the other hand, you need to carefully work out the content itself, because if the life hack you proposed does not work, it will cause negative not only to you, but also to the product you are using.

5. News

This video kills two birds with one stone: it reveals the news feed, and also increases engagement. For example, live coverage of an event can increase brand loyalty by 63%.

You can shoot yourself or invite professional operators with the same equipment – it all depends on your level, positioning and budget. Don’t wait for something to happen, create news feeds yourself. This can be, for example, updating a collection, a new dish on the menu, adding to the creative team, launching a new product, receiving an award, and much more.

6. Video reviews

Let’s just say right away: they should not be staged or ordered. Believe me, the falsity is immediately visible! Ask your customers to make a short video in which they tell about their experience of using a product or service, what important characteristics they have, and how the latter helped to solve certain problems.

Honest positive reviews can significantly affect the level of sales, stimulate potential customers to buy. This works especially well in niches with expensive orders, for example, a car, custom kitchens, security systems, etc.

A few words about the location

Now a little about where is better just post your videos. These “sites” include:

    • YouTube. As we said above, this is the TOP-3 most visited site in the world, this is where people go first of all to find some video.
    • Facebook and Instagram. It can be both posts and story format – short videos. Here you can communicate both with your subscribers and influence a potential audience.
    • Your site. Create a section with video to store all your work in one place.

Summing it up

The possibilities of video for business, if not limitless, are very broad. It is a mistake to think that this is not for me; it requires a large budget and professional equipment. You can do a lot with your phone and simple editing software (sometimes on your smartphone).

Such video content is often much more effective than direct advertising. But there is an important recommendation here: to get a good result, prepare well. To do this, plan what types of videos you will do, when to post them, what and what exactly to talk about (yes, write, at least a thesis, a script).

And also, if you don’t know where to start and how best to implement it, delegate this task to professionals. This will save time and money. Good luck!