Useful quarantine: how not to go crazy within 4 walls?

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Virtual tour of museums

Due to the introduced quarantine, spring 2020 turned out to be difficult. Entertainment institutions, schools, sports clubs, cafes are closed. It is recommended to restrict movement and communication, many companies let their ployees go home with a transfer to remote work. If you are among those who have been transferred to a remote location, do not be bored at home.

We have prepared for you a list of ideas that will help you usefully spend your temporary “imprisonment” and turn it into a tool for self-realization.

Virtual tour of museums

Did you know that most large, popular museums have online galleries? Now is the time to visit them:

In many Russian online museums, not only viewing, but also the soundtrack of the picture is available. The online gallery of the St. Petersburg Hermitage has the function of viewing close-up paintings, videos, lectures, author’s photos and famous collections.


Theater and opera lovers will not be bored either. The Vienna Opera offers free video recordings of live broadcasts to all fans. To view, you need to register and go to the free tab. The Berlin Philharmonic offers free 30-day access to the Digital Concert Hall with the BERLINPHIL promo code (until March 31st). The Bavarian Opera, Metropolitan Opera also provide free admission to the performances.

Distance learning

Distance learning

Do not forget about self-education: The Premium Management Online School conducts online courses for executives, top managers, sales, negotiations, HR specialists. To your attention – online courses in the following areas: Lev Lester “Errors in business negotiations”, Alexander Fridman “Corporate chronophages: find and neutralize”, you can also see the upcoming courses in the “schedule” section.

On youtube- The Premium Management channel features recordings of webinars and interviews with the school’s experts. You can start studying today, regardless of age or location. Well, how can you miss it ?!

TED conferences

Want to learn a lot about the world of technology, entertainment, design? Parse your worldview? Or learn how a tsunami works? Discover TED, which contains a huge number of talks on completely different topics. Conferences are in English, but for Russian-speaking countries most of them have subtitles.

Let’s remember childhood

Let's remember childhood

Modern children do not know how to spend their leisure time at all: passive games in gadgets do not replace full-fledged communication. In your free time, you can teach children the games that we loved so much in childhood. Play at home in sea battle, bingo, find an old domino and learn to play backgammon.
You can read a book with your children, and then discuss what you read and share your impressions together. And sometimes such a discussion brings children and parents closer.

Younger schoolchildren are very attracted by logic games that develop erudition:

  • Word typesetter: create ten or more nouns from one big word.
  • Field of Miracles.
  • Guess Who Am I?
  • UNO game.
  • Scallop (make up words with the suggested two or three letters).
  • Name-City-Plant-Animal-Movie: With one letter of your own design, each player must fill in all the columns drawn.
  • Find the number in the palm of your hand (the palm is outlined on the sheet, its space is filled with numbers from 1 to 100. One player calls a number, the other quickly looks for it on his sheet. Timeline – cells outside the palm).

You can remember games such as “warm-cold”, arrange a fashion show and go through toys with the children. And devote evenings to rest and watching your favorite films and cartoons with the whole family.

Culinary experiments

Culinary experiments

If you haven’t had enough time before to try your hand at cooking, start doing it in quarantine. Find interesting recipes, cook seafood, for example try making Manhattan cheesecake from the Kitchen Stories app.

If you want to learn how to cook like a pro, discover Novikov School. She now offers discounts on the best video recipes from celebrity chefs.

It will be great to think about proper nutrition. Include more vegetables and lean meats in your meals, count calories (with a special calorie counter), and you will quietly come to your ideal weight and improve your emotional state.

New hobby

Discover the world of exciting creativity! Now a huge number of new types of needlework, drawing and embroidery have appeared. Paintings by numbers, laying out with rhinestones, embossing – even if you have absolutely no skills, you can try to lay out a picture according to the scheme or repeat a well-known reproduction, following the prompts-numbers. And interestingly, the interior of the house will improve!

Here are some more examples where you can prove yourself:

  • the art of calligraphy (it will take a lot of time and perseverance, since calligraphy does not tolerate rush),
  • kanzashi (designer ribbon jewelry),
  • mehendi (henna body painting),
  • gardening (how nice it is to pick a green sprig of mint or thyme growing on the windowsill).

Sports, sports, sports …

Since all sports clubs are closed, sports enthusiasts are switching to online classes. You can keep in touch with your coach via Skype or Zoom and plan your workouts at the most convenient time. It will also be helpful to take time out for yoga and meditation.

For those who are just starting out, there are great apps. For men: Workouts at home: strength fitness, for women: Lose weight in 30 days. In the appendices, you will find not only sets of exercises, but also the recommended diet. And if the weather is fine, put on your sneakers, play on your favorite track, and go jogging in the woods.

Fashionable verdict

Very rarely there is enough time to revise things and shoes, put aside out-of-fashion clothes and make a list of fashionable purchases. Put aside things without regret that you haven’t worn for at least one season. And from the rest of the clothes after the “fashionable analysis”, create new, unexpected looks.

The handy combyne-Outfit ideas app will help you with this. You can take pictures of your clothes, combine new looks and get fashion tips. There will definitely be something to do!

Quarantine is not a reason for sadness and even less for depression. The worldwide network provides great opportunities and it is simply unreasonable not to take advantage of them. Expand your horizons, self-develop, explore cool new directions and learn foreign languages. Indeed, in the daily race for success and career growth, we often forget about the main thing. A temporary time-out allows you to look back, rethink everything, and, perhaps, find new tools in order to conquer the world!

Remain strong in spirit in any life situation! Take care of your health and the health of those around you!

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