What should be a financial safety cushion

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How to save, in income or expense

Many have already heard about what a financial safety cushion is, and some have already saved up for it. In our financial school, in practice, we are faced with the questions of our students about what it should be like.

In the field of personal finance, there is still controversy about what the airbag consists of (the unit of measurement is in income or expenses) and how many parts should be in it (1,3, 6 or 12 months).

But let’s first talk about what a financial safety cushion is.

Many say that it is needed and few fully understand why.

A financial safety net is your savings, which will “finance” your life for a certain amount of time, even if you will not have the usual level of income during this period.

How to save, in income or expense

A pillow is needed not only to support you in case of losing your job or God forbid a long sick leave, but also if you decide to get an education or change your field of activity, taking a short break between your previous job and a new one.

A financial safety net will also protect you from major unexpected expenses, such as forced relocation or repairing damage. But that’s not all.

This is what will bring you peace of mind and give you the opportunity to choose the job you need, the rhythm of life you need. No airbag – the choice is narrower. After all, the topic of money is one of the main ones, since even food in our world is purchased for money.

The financial safety cushion, although not a fund for financial freedom (we will talk about it in other articles), can help you get through any financial difficulties with your head held high, but not only difficulties. One of our co-founders, at one time, thanks to the accumulated airbag, managed to get a new higher education and change profession, while not working for a significant time.

In any case, a financial safety cushion will help you to easily get through any period of your financial life, without sagging under life’s difficulties, which is the most important thing in any financial situation.

Why does everyone talk so much about the financial cushion. Because it is the foundation of your financial well-being. It makes no sense to save money in order to invest it in some financial instruments if you do not have a base in the form of a financial safety cushion. Indeed, if something happens, you will have to withdraw this money urgently from brokerage or other accounts, and this can be unprofitable for you.

With the need for a financial cushion, everything is clear, it’s like the ability to count, without it you can’t go anywhere. Let’s now figure out what a financial safety cushion should be.

There is a debate about what the financial safety cushion should be. Someone says that it is measured in your monthly income, and someone says that it should be measured in expenses. Most of our future students, according to our surveys, how much they earn, spend so much, and therefore at the start it does not matter whether you save income or expenses.

In theory, you need to set aside your expenses, including paying off loans or credit cards, if you have any. Because the financial safety net should cover your regular expenses while you change jobs or look for a new source of income.

The same applies to aspiring entrepreneurs. They also need a financial cushion, despite the fact that at the start-up stage, entrepreneurs’ income is irregular and spasmodic. It will be better, of course, to save in monthly income, but the expenses will suit you well.

What size should a financial airbag be in months.

It is believed that, ideally, there should be a year of your spending in order for the financial safety cushion to become truly safe. But we are also close to the theory that from 3 to 6 monthly expenses on your account will ensure your peace of mind for a long time. 3 or 6 – you decide – it all depends on your specific situation, on your current profession, place of work, level of current income and field of activity.

What size should a financial airbag be in months

We think so – you should go gradually, first you will have 1 month of expenses on your account, then 2,3 and 6. After you have provided yourself with a financial cushion, you can start thinking about investing.

How it helps in investing

In investing, such a concept as “money management” plays an essential role. Do not rush to invest if you have not mastered “money management” in your personal or family finances. The art of money management begins with your habit of saving and saving money.

These habits will come in handy in investing, because investing in itself is not only the art of finding the right financial instrument, but the art of managing your money. This is the choice of how much money you invest in high-risk assets, and how much you keep in your portfolio in low-risk ones. This is the right choice of a risk hedging instrument and much more.

When we are asked where to start investing, we answer that with a financial safety cushion. This step will be the first stepping stone to your wellbeing.

And one more step to well-being will be our closed financial club, where our students train their correct financial habits, and our system, like a good coach, controls them and does not allow them to go astray. The club can be reached by completing our financial game.