Where to relax in the velvet season: 7 options

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Russia, Black Sea resorts

Velvet is the season from early August to mid-October. Beach holidays at this time are considered one of the most comfortable: the heat is no longer as strong as in summer, the sea is still warm, there are fewer tourists, because many leave home at the beginning of autumn to study and work, and the cost of both tours and flights with residence during this period, as a rule, is significantly reduced. So those who can afford to go on a trip at this time receive not only a pleasant vacation, but also a bonus in the form of lower prices.

OneTwoTrip advises for travel to resort locations to choose tours that include flight, accommodation and transfer. According to our observations, a ready-made tour to many countries is cheaper than tickets and hotels purchased separately. In this article, we have selected seven resorts where you can relax comfortably and on a budget during the velvet season.

Фото: Море

Air temperature in September / October: +22 ℃ / +20 ℃

Water temperature in September / October: +23 ℃ / +21 ℃

Tour cost: from 29 100 rubles

The most budgetary ones are seaside vacations in Russia, especially since the choice of resorts we have is quite large. You can go to the more active Sochi, Anapa, ideal for families with children, calm Khosta or comfortable Gelendzhik. All resorts have great hotels and clean beaches. The infrastructure is constantly improving, so the rest will be comfortable.

The best time to go to the Black Sea is September: this is the time when the weather is most pleasant. The sea sometimes seems warmer than the air, because the water warms up well during the summer. It may start to rain in October in some resorts. We advise you to check the weather forecast for the city in which you plan to relax before booking the tour.


Фото: Пляж

Air temperature in September / October: + 24 ℃ / + 18 ℃

Water temperature in September / October: +23 ℃ / +18 ℃

Tour cost: from 38 900 rubles

September in Bulgaria is similar to Russian August: summer is still not losing ground, it is warm during the day, and the water is at a very comfortable temperature. At the same time, the influx of tourists is minimal: with the onset of autumn, the beaches are empty, and you can relax in peace and quiet. In the south, the air sometimes warms up to +30 ℃ during the day. The perfect beach holiday awaits you in September in Golden Sands, Burgas and Sunny Beach.

In October, the weather deteriorates, it starts raining. At this time, it is wonderful to walk around the cities, spend time in nature, and also go on excursions: it is not cold at all, but already not as hot and stuffy as in summer.


Фото: Турция

Air temperature in September / October: +28 ℃ / +25 ℃

Water temperature in September / October: +26 ℃ / +23 ℃

Tour cost: from 44 270 rubles

Summer in Turkey lasts until mid-October. Moreover, in September it is still hot during the day, although the weather becomes milder, without the scorching sun and evening stuffiness. It is hottest in Antalya and Alanya, slightly cooler in Kemer. If the summer heat is not to your liking, plan a vacation in Turkey at the end of September.

It’s getting colder gradually, but by mid-October only seasoned tourists are comfortable on the beach. The sea cools down more slowly than air, but not many people want to swim anymore. But you can finally go around all the numerous sights of the country with excursions. For example, October is the ideal time to travel to Istanbul.


Фото: Греция

Air temperature in September / October: +27 ℃ / +24 ℃

Water temperature in September / October: +25 ℃ / +23 ℃

Tour cost: from 51 600 rubles

September in Greece is beautiful: the sea is gentle, during the day it is not too hot, and in the evening it is warm and you don’t want to put on a jacket. If you want to fry on the beach, choose the resorts to the south, but, in general, the north of the country is also comfortable. Separately, the prices are encouraging, which begin to decline noticeably since mid-September. So you will have a chance to extend the summer for relatively little money.

In late September and early October, choose the more southern islands (Rhodes or Crete): there is no rain here yet, the weather is more pleasant, and the chances of catching summer-like warm days are higher.


Фото: Тунис

Air temperature in September / October: +30 ℃ / +27 ℃

Water temperature in September / October: +27 ℃ / +25 ℃

Tour cost: from 48 500 rubles

This is where summer doesn’t end with the beginning of autumn! Lovers of lying in the sun and swimming in a sea of ​​fresh milk temperature will love Tunisia even in October. True, rest can be a little darkened by rain, but most often clouds come in the afternoon, so for sunbathing you will have time to catch the morning and, by the way, the safest hours for sunbathing.

In general, if you have long wanted to visit Tunisia, autumn is the right time (you shouldn’t go here in summer, it’s too hot). So take a look at tours to Djerba, Monastir or Sousse.


Фото: Кипр

Air temperature in September / October: +27 ℃ / +26 ℃

Water temperature in September / October: +26 ℃ / +24 ℃

Tour cost: from 52 600 rubles

If in the summer you were in no hurry to go to Cyprus, fearing heat, stuffiness and sunburn, then September is your month. However, at the beginning of the month, summer is not losing ground, but towards the end, when daytime temperatures drop to a decent + 26 ℃, you can safely take children to the sea and not think about how to make them sit under an umbrella.

Another huge advantage is the sharp decline in the number of tourists. Holidays in Cyprus are very fond of young people, but in September most students return to study, as do families with schoolchildren. So, if you don’t need to meet autumn in the city, you can have a great rest in Larnaca, Paphos or Nicosia. However, if you buy a tour for October, still put a windbreaker or a thin sweater in your suitcase – they will come in handy in the evening.


Фото: Черногория

Air temperature in September / October: +26 ℃ / +20 ℃

Water temperature in September / October: +25 ℃ / +21 ℃

Tour cost: from 54 900 rubles

In Montenegro, the tourist season ends in September, so October is not worth considering for a beach holiday: it is too windy, it starts raining, and the sea is no longer so welcoming. However, if your choice is a hotel with a swimming pool and an excursion program, then you can go in October as well.

September can be considered another summer month. The sea has warmed up over the summer, and the water is about the same temperature as the air, and even warmer in the evening. The season of fruits begins: fill up on watermelons, grapes and blackberries for future use. By the way, if you go to Budva, make a holiday under the Shiruna Days – a fish festival, during which you can taste many delicious dishes.

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