Why do the rich have a big library and the poor have a big TV

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The title quote is fairly common on the internet

.But due to its wide distribution, it began to be considered hackneyed and devoid of meaning.

But let’s take a look at the skill of wealthy people behind this. We often write that the constant development and learning of new things allows people to receive value that brings income – be it a salary, whether it is income from entrepreneurship or investment.

Why do the rich have a big library and the poor have a big TV

As you probably already understood, we really love to give training through examples and here is one of them.

Suppose we have two friends, Fedor and Konstantin. They live in Moscow, graduated from the same faculty at a university and now work in the same department. This is how life turned out. Only Fedya and Kostya have cardinal differences in their approach to work. Fedya, already during his studies at the university, took responsibility, worked part-time in the university laboratory, and attended additional lectures.

Therefore, when it was time to go to work, he was immediately hired as a senior specialist. Kostya also studied diligently, but his attitude to study was formal. Therefore, I got the position of a junior specialist.

And now 5 years have passed. All these 5 years Fedya has been attending advanced training courses, studying additional literature on the profession, and applying the ideas he has learned in his work.

He makes projects quickly and at a high level. But Kostya just does his job well. Here the position of the head of their department is freed. Both Kostya and Fedya have ambitions and would like to take this post, and both are applying for this position. Who do you think will end up getting this position?

In our history, Fedya received this position, since it is simply more profitable for top management to have a more trained and experienced employee as a manager. And if it didn’t, any company would be glad to get such a constantly improving employee.

The world is now changing at a tremendous rate

In few places, university knowledge remains relevant for a long time. Especially if you want your salary or your wages to remain relevant and only grow. New tools and professions appear. For example, mathematics is as old as the world. But the tools and applications of mathematics are rapidly evolving. If 10 years ago artificial intelligence was some kind of boring theoretical subject in the university, now it is a tool that is conquering the world. It can be used by mathematicians, but only those who understand modern methods of its application.

The world is now changing at a tremendous rate

We have considered only one habit of wealthy people – to constantly learn. But there is one more nuance – openness to new knowledge.

Our team learns a lot and tries to learn from a wide variety of people, because you can’t be versed in everything at the same time. Therefore, we try to adopt knowledge and experience in areas where we are not experts. And where we are experts, we learn even more so that our knowledge remains always relevant.

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