Women’s “autumn” – beautiful and comfortable

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There are quite a few guidelines to help you deal with the state.

Slightly over forty” for a woman is the heyday. Self-sufficiency, wisdom, mature, conscious beauty all come with age and experience. At the same time, a grandiose restructuring of the body or menopause begins.

The gradual shutdown of the possibility of childbearing is accompanied by changes in all systems of the female body. Deficiency of female hormones leads to changes in the cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine systems, affects metabolism, emotions and psyche.

Irritability, tearfulness, despondency – these symptoms are always purely individual and similar to what a teenager experiences in the transition period. This is due, first of all, to a decrease in the level of both female estrogens and testosterone – the male hormone responsible in the female body, including for energy. Irritability can also appear as a consequence of insomnia, which affects 30% of women in menopause.


  • aching pulling pains and a state of discomfort;
  • “hot flashes” (attacks of sudden stuffiness and desire to go out into the fresh air even in winter frost);
  • mood swings;
  • emotional instability;
  • weight change;
  • insomnia.

Радостная женщина бальзаковского возраста

The onset of menopause is inevitable. But it can be as comfortable as possible. It is important to understand that this condition is not a disease, but a natural, natural process. And try to live fully and richly, pamper yourself and enjoy life.

Moderate exercise, swimming, yoga, pilates

Often at the beginning of menopause, the usual fitness load becomes unbearable. Going to the gym is annoying and disappointing. It is worth changing the approach to training, choosing the most gentle, rehabilitation sessions.

Swimming is a must have. Water compensates for excessive stress on bones and joints. Blood circulation improves, the work of the heart and blood vessels. Swimming rarely leads to overwork – it is not without reason that it is the best sport for rehabilitation.

Be sure to sign up for the pool and swim with health and pleasure.

Женщина в бассейне

Yoga and Pilates are also indispensable for keeping fit and emotional. No wonder the basic principle of yoga and Pilates is to keep balance, body balance, to control breathing. All exercises are performed smoothly, measuredly and slowly. The best way to divert attention and “loop”.

Outdoor walks

Long walks not only level the physical condition, but also distract emotionally. Pleasant clean air, saturated with oxygen, relaxes and pleases, the smell of trees reduces the feeling of fatigue and stress. Walking slowly, the person begins to feel calm and happy. It is best to walk in a forest park – both the feeling of the forest and safe.


It’s time to delight yourself with a variety of beauty salon treatments. Today’s possibilities of salon procedures will help to improve the appearance and get rid of unnecessary complexes and worries. Yes, there is a loss of collagen, which is responsible for the density and elasticity of the skin. Because of this, the fatty layer begins to “melt”. True, not where we would like, for example, at the waist, but on the face. Yes, the elasticity and firmness of the skin is lost. But systematic self-care, properly selected procedures and salon cosmetics compensate for all these nuances.

Do not forget about decorative cosmetics and pleasant shopping. Even a small wardrobe update will bring a lot of pleasure and emotional relaxation.

Девушка на приеме у косметолога

New hobbies and interests

Remember what you wanted to learn from your youth. At forty, it’s not too late. Dances, handicrafts, languages ​​- we are sure that there is an occupation that was postponed, there was no time and opportunity. Treat yourself now. An interesting activity will help you brighten up your days, find a company of like-minded people and a new circle of friends.

Small Rituals for Insomnia

About 30% of women at this time begin to suffer from insomnia, falling into a kind of vicious circle. Insomnia increases irritation and discouragement, while a bad mood makes it more difficult to fall asleep.

Come up with your own little rituals that soothe in the evening and set you up for a restful sleep. Warm shower, herbal tea, good book, hobby. In the evening, there is no need for global reflections and attempts to solve all the world’s problems. Tell yourself, “I’ll think about it tomorrow,” like Scarlett in Gone With the Wind.

Preventive medical examinations

Everyone knows about the need for regular medical examinations. True, few people follow this rule. But after forty, it is necessary to visit a doctor once a year.

Hormonal changes can provoke disease. And the symptoms are disguised as manifestations of menopause. Therefore, it is very important to systematically undergo preventive examinations by a gynecologist, endocrinologist, mammologist in order to timely detect diseases at an early stage and prevent them. It is also advisable to regularly monitor the level of hormones in the body.

Reception of balanced mineral and phytocomplexes

The fact is that the main active ingredients of phytocomplexes for women are phytoestrogens. Their action is maximally similar to estrogens in the female body. Interestingly, herbs for women have always been used both in our culture and in oriental medicine.

Now there is a phytocomplex for women in Amrita’s assortment.

Our new product – phytocomplex “Klimida” – has an enhanced formula of plant extracts with phytoestrogens for harmonious women’s health in the pre- and menopause.

Specially developed formula and unique composition of “Klimida” are effective for:

  • normalization of hormonal balance – saturates with phytoestrogens and regulates the level of its own estrogen;
  • reduction of hot flashes, irritability, vegetative-vascular disorders, etc .;
  • prevention of neoplasms;
  • prevention of age-related osteoporosis;
  • relieve premenstrual syndrome;
  • improving the condition of the skin, hair and nails – simulates the natural state of the body and slows down the aging process

“Klimida” will help you forget about your age.

Just live and enjoy every moment.