10 safest and most beautiful countries in Africa

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Africa is the second most populous continent

More than 1.1 billion people live here: a huge number of nationalities, languages ​​and cultures. Among the conflict and poor countries, there are also quite peaceful, safe and interesting for tourists. Many travelers are familiar with countries such as South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. And we will tell you about where you can spend your time in the sub-Sahara in this article.

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Perhaps the most unexpected state on this list is Sierra Leone, which not so long ago was torn apart by a civil war for ten years. However, since 2002, significant changes have taken place in Sierra Leone and today it is already ranked among the peace-loving countries according to the Global Security Index (GPI). Sierra Leone is considered one of the most religiously tolerant countries in the world, and the life expectancy of the local population is 57 years, which is not bad by African standards.

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Sierra Leone has many beautiful natural reserves such as the Gala rainforest or Autamba Kilimi National Park, clean beaches on the Atlantic coast, and its capital, Freetown, is the oldest city in West Africa.

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Leader in security on the African continent. Whether this is due to the fact that peace and tranquility are one of the main features of both the Tswana people and the Bushmen, or because the Botswana people understand the economic contribution that tourists make, but one way or another there is a very low crime rate.

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True, no one promises that baboons will not attack you, so during safari it is recommended not to feed these warlike monkeys and not even smile at them. In general, there are a lot of animals in Botswana; for example, it has the largest elephant population in the world.

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One of the popular tourist attractions, along with a safari to the Kalahari desert and visits to national parks, has been the search for ancient treasures hidden from the colonizers in the Gchvihaba caves since the 30s of the last century. Until now, no one has found the treasure, but the caves themselves with amazing stalactites up to 10 meters long are worth going to the north of the country for them.

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In 2008, Ghana was ranked by the Global Security Index as the safest country in Africa and has been at the top of the ranking ever since. Internal conflicts are rare in the country and it has peaceful relations with its neighbors. Tourists are very friendly here and speak English – this is the official language of Ghana.

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Here you can visit numerous reserves with elephants, antelopes, monkeys and other exotic animals, visit the ruins of the castles and fortresses of Cape Post and Elmina, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and spend time on clean, uncrowded beaches.

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This country in Southwest Africa is an oasis of stability and security on the troubled black continent. It was discovered quite late (in 1878) by Europeans, quickly emerged from all internal and external conflicts and is now one of the richest African countries.

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The most ancient desert on earth is located here – Namib, the legendary Skeleton Coast, many national parks, the site of the largest Hob meteorite, the second largest after the Colorado Canyon and much more.
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Namibia has good highways, and the tourist train The Desert Express runs between the capital Windhoek and the resort town of Swakopmund, making stops along the way at particularly noteworthy places.

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