12 Ideas for Facebook Company Page Posts

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Why a company page on Facebook needs to be developed

The social network Facebook is the most popular in the world. And “sitting” there is no longer a way of idle pastime. Today Facebook opens up almost limitless opportunities for small, medium and even large businesses. With minimal investment, you can effectively promote all kinds of goods and services.

But how to fill a business page to keep the audience’s attention? Even if new posts are published once or twice a day, in total there is still a fairly large number of them. And over time, it gets harder and harder to come up with something new. Therefore, we offer a small collection of ideas for Facebook posts, which you can return to from time to time.

Why a company page on Facebook needs to be developed

The answer to this question is obvious to those who already do it … Many companies and individuals create their Facebook pages, but not everyone pays due attention to their development. And in vain. After all, working on this is of great importance:

  • millions of companies around the world, attracting the attention of their customers to goods and services, build relationships with customers and subscribers, make them more loyal, form the desired mood around the brand ;
  • page promotion allows you to deliver information to your target audience for free and very effectively and distribute it to even more users for a minimum budget;
  • using your Facebook account, you can offer your products and services to those who are looking for them and are ready to buy here and now;
  • Facebook capabilities allow you to conduct a complete analysis of the promotion, even more effectively use strengths and eliminate weaknesses

And most importantly, all this does not take long. Therefore, if you do not have a Facebook page yet, then immediately create one, and if you have one – start promoting.

12 post ideas that are suitable for any business

Let’s make a reservation right away that there are no “magic” recipes for creating perfect posts. Yes, ideas are universal, but you still need to run them through the specifics of your business.

1. Show the novelty

Whether the manufacturer or the seller will always find something to show the new one to his customers. Yes, goods are displayed on the site, but they may not be noticed there among many other positions (even in a special section), and not all potential buyers regularly visit the online store. And through your posts on Facebook, you will remind of yourself and take care of your customers.

We don’t think it’s worth reminding you to take care of beautiful visual content. Low-light photos of goods in front of a warehouse are not the best way to gain customer confidence.

2. Refute rumors and fakes

If your products or services are popular, then, believe me, there will always be those who want to use it for the purpose of illegal profit. Those who like to appropriate someone else’s is worth fighting. And posts on such topics will not only prevent attempts to illegally use your property, but will also become a very effective advertising. After all, if they steal, then it means that it is valuable, effective and in demand.

In addition, you should also ask your subscribers to repost your entry – after all, you should find out about scammers how as many users as possible. And of course, don’t forget to follow through in the legal field, not just on Facebook.

3. Trending topics

Do not stand aside of events that shock society. This will help you stay on trend and get a lot of activity. But it is important not just to rewrite the news – many already know about this, for sure, but to suggest possible ways to solve the problems. For example, instead of re-discussing the feasibility of quarantine measures, think about how to offer your services safely and as efficiently as possible.

4. Break the myths

A series of publications about stereotypes that exist in your niche will help you reach your customers more effectively, and at the same time answer many questions. Perhaps even those that they do not dare to ask themselves. Discuss your objections and tell us how things are.

5. Attract public people

Of course, your product should be of interest to a person who has gained popularity in society, but you can always start small, especially if your business is local.

6. Publish User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is the most original and can add value to your business. It has a strong selling power, users trust it and respond well to it. You can get it from a variety of sources – photos from customer reviews and testimonials, images that they share on social networks, etc.

7. Blog articles

Blogging is quite expensive – both financial and time. And therefore, you need to ensure that they work in different places, and not just on the site. In order for a post to attract the attention of users, you need not just write a headline and leave a link, but add a summary of the material and explain what exactly will give the subscriber reading it. For example, here we are.

8. Publish stories of curious, funny or just interesting cases

It is desirable that these were not just abstract events, but something related to your product, company, employees, or at least the city. Something close to users, showing that there are also real people behind your profile, doing everything to satisfy the needs of their customers.

9. Company news

This should be branding content, not just dry notes. You can find a lot of news worthy of attention. These are vacancies, awards, records, achievements, new certificates, significant dates, personnel changes, new product launches, invitations to events, etc.

10. Industry News

Such posts are doubly beneficial. You will not only convey relevant information to your audience, but also do it without time and financial costs. After all, it is not necessary to write such news yourself – you can just repost.

11. Live on Facebook Live

This tool has become extremely popular in recent years, so every business owner should definitely use it. Facebook Live informs users about the start of the live broadcast, they can watch the live broadcast and chat in real time. The video can be saved and posted on the page for those who did not have time to watch it at the time of shooting.

12. Practical use of your product

This can be, for example, various instructions for use. Moreover, such posts are suitable not only for those who directly sell food, but also for manufacturers and distributors of household appliances, tableware, home textiles, furniture and many other goods. In any case, you can always find something to show your clients.1

This is not all, but only the main and most popular ideas for writing posts. On their basis, you can come up with many of your own options. The main thing is that your business page is lively, interesting, attracts and retains the attention of potential customers.

Practical use of your product

The key to success is understanding goals and objectives

If you want Facebook users to be more than just scrolled through your page, and were looking forward to new publications, then it is worth deciding on a strategy:

  • set a goal (to attract traffic to the site, create a community, start a discussion, launch comments etc.);
  • ask and engage: if you want feedback, just tell your subscribers;
  • use a variety of content : beautiful photos, videos and other high-quality visual content are always the first to attract attention, and only then the text comes;
  • be short but convincing: the Facebook feed is scrolled very quickly, so you need to have time to grab the user’s attention without getting into spatial reflections;
  • don’t advertise every step of the way: hidden advertising can be in any post, but you shouldn’t do it aggressively.

Remember that there are two main conditions for good posting on a social network is honest and relevant. It is important to understand the needs of your customers and show the values ​​around which your brand philosophy is built.

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