20 ways to increase your family budget

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These methods are associated either with reasonable and comfortable savings

Or with advance planning, which always keeps your money in the budget.

There are also several ways to make a real increase. It has been tested by us and our students in practice: the simultaneous application of all these points adds more than one hundred thousand rubles to the family budget.

At the end of the list, we will share our vision of smart savings without sacrificing comfort and quality of life.

So here’s our list:

ways to increase your family budget

  1. Plan travel and vacation in advance.
  2. Benefit from social deductions. Not only for the purchase of an apartment, interest on the mortgage, but also for the payment of treatment, their studies and the study of children. By the way, we have a big article on this topic “A Million from the State”, a link to it is on our blog.
  3. Make preventive visits to the dentist. If the problem is solved early or in its infancy, it is cheaper to solve.
  4. Write a list of 20-30 free or cheap family activities and schedule them. Instead of constant trips to a country hotel for the weekend, you can do a home quest or go for a picnic in a nearby park.
  5. Have an “insurance fund” from which you can take money in the event of a breakdown of any equipment.
  6. Learn financial literacy. This is one of the main points, because the art of money management is not taught in school. You just need to learn this and already know exactly how and be able to increase your well-being.
  7. Change your job to a higher paying one. If you do not see any ways to increase your budget and you have everything scheduled up to 10 rubles, you should consider changing your job to a higher paying one if you want to increase your budget. If your budget is close-ended and you buy strictly everything you need, then you have only one way out – to increase your income. Steps 8-9-10 will help you with this.
  8. Talk to your boss about how you can increase your salary.
  9. Get an additional specialty or change your profession. Online education is well developed in Russia now
  10. Improve your qualifications or change your profession altogether. Don’t just say you’re old enough to learn anything. For example, in Russia, doctors undergo training and pass exams every 6 years, otherwise they will not be able to continue working without the necessary certificate. And few of them say they are too old to study.
  11. Look for products of the same quality as what you usually buy, but at a cheaper price. Look for discounts, but without fanaticism.
  12. Buy quality clothes, things that are enough for more than one season.
  13. Agree with friends / relatives / neighbors and buy goods in wholesale stores.
  14. A point from the experience of Rustam, our co-founder and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to raise your price tag or find another niche with a higher average check. The company is created for the sake of profit, and if you do not have it, you should think about how to make money, and not look for excuses why it does not work. It turns out to make money from many and you urgently need to join them.
  15. Use compound interest for your savings account. Choose the interest capitalization, from daily to monthly, and earn not only on your account replenishment, but also on the interest capitalization.
  16. To save money for large purchases in advance, which means in general to plan your budget.
  17. Explore ways to travel economically but comfortably. Many professional travelers share their experiences, just invest your time in exploring free forums and blogs.
  18. Once a year, undergo a “check-up” – a full health check of the whole family. As in the case of dentistry, many diseases in their infancy are treated much easier and cheaper than when they are neglected.
  19. Start investing. Start by simply investing in government or corporate bonds. This does not require a lot of money, you just need to open a brokerage or individual investment account.
  20. Start earning your hobby income. Do you knit the best scarves in the area, or do you craft woodwork? Why not make it to order and get a boost to your family budget?

And one more important comment. We would like to focus on reasonable economy and make out this concept.

We in our school of personal finance are against austerity if it’s unreasonable. We are against saving on our own health, food or a comfortable life, especially when it comes to long-term savings. If you have to save for a long time, it affects your quality of life and your ability to do anything at all. Long-term savings burns your energy and gives you no leeway.

That is why we are against saving, but we talk about our principle of saving without losing comfort in our lessons and articles.

This was far from the most comprehensive list of ways to add to your family and personal budget.

And we consider one of these points to be the most important and therefore we chose this as our business. This is an increase in financial literacy.

If you are financially literate and have learned the art of personal finance management, you will write these 20 points yourself, because you will apply all of this in your life.

It is very easy to start learning financial literacy and the art of personal finance management – go through our Game, this is a financial training system in which training takes place in an easy form of solving financial situations.

The budget of a real Russian family will be in your hands and you will need to bring this family to financial well-being. It depends on your decisions whether they will have to be bored at the dacha or go on a coveted trip to the sea, buy such a coveted TV or be bored in the evenings at their laptop.

The Game will start tomorrow at 20:00 Moscow time. Details about the Game – on our page about the Game.


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