7 rules for conducting one-to-one events

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 Push Real-Time Feedback

If the ker_vnik is analyzing, how to make a mistake from his said graph, then it’s not even possible to fail to create one-to-one operation with the command. Such a format of the community of additional help provides motivation, productivity and efficiency of the team: drive development, and ultimately – business results.

In Oksani Nemer – 16 rockets of HR-reports at the critical plantations of the companies of the national rivnya. Vona chalked up Talent Management directly to Alfa-Bank, the HR function at Allo and Bank Credit Dnipro, she was responsible for the personnel management system at the MHP agricultural holding.

Oksana told us about the rules for conducting events in the one-to-one format – how to get ready, put on developing food and intelligence, how the confusion passed away.

Soon in Oksani Nemer will start the course “Command Management” in Laba.

If you only practice one-to-one performances in the company, it’s possible to do it regularly, over the graph (for example, holding out two months), to create a culture of ringing sound.

 Push Real-Time Feedback

For mature teams of planuvati one-to-one follows the consumer, for the format Real-Time Feedback. In a very smart organization, there may not be any need, as well as a working nutrition for the purpose of education and training. I navpaki: you can find out your needs earlier.

Planuvati one-to-one is more beautiful in advance – for example, when the project is completed for the education of pidsumkiv or for the purpose of the development of the workforce. Protest, react bluntly – if you have remembered the signs of conflicts, a decline in productivity, or if a colleague’s camp has been adjusted, propose the posture with a plan, it is possible to rely on the coming day (in crisis situations, tomorrow – you might be awesome).

# 2. Get ready to play

Begin to talk about the events in 3-7 days, make them up to the sleeping calendars. Explain that one-to-one is not an overestimated mess, because it doesn’t take a managerial solution (for example, about soundness). Tse spіlkuvannya, direct to the installation of new development.

Sleep, read it by hand to the teacher himself in the whole day and every hour, – especially if you see it far away: the clerk may not know about the specialness of the negligence and it is important to talk to all the commanders.

Ask for advice and guidance: to fix food, if you want to discuss it in a special way, and not at the command.

One-to-one is not carried out for the first time, if prepared:

  • guess the history of the foreground events: what they were doing, they were planning, what about discussing progress, folding and necessary to get started
  • analyze the business indicators and the data on the efficiency of the robot and the easy-going (for example, KPI) – that the message will be substantive

# 3. Create a comfortable and safe atmosphere

Give me a quick tip about a stable power plant. Deprive the borrower until that start-up – you will start working on the job and finish it calmly. Do not plan one-to-one sessions for folding negotiations: your aggressive energy will make people feel uncomfortable.

For an hour to start, assign an hour to a light-hearted person. Develop a povaga before the teacher. Bazhano zustr_chatsya at home, de you will not be turbuvati (more beautifully changeable, lower power cabinet, where you can knock colleagues from non-removable food). More than once I have been at the events with my own exporters: if the manager’s phone is opened from the calls that occasionally, and by the office there is already a chat of the house of the leading experts because of the thermal food, it’s not a matter of focusing.

Hit the housewives. Don’t be afraid to endure entertainment without extreme consumption. In my life, I have a vipadok, since the core is up to 19 times transferring the process with a long term key project with a great budget. Such a pidhid unethical that demotive command.

# 4. Respect for the specialty of lightweight

Wrap up your respect for the emotional camp, verbal and non-verbal reactions. Wake up to be doors that wide, share your emotions and special ones on the right, hobby just help people to open up.

To respect the special temperament of an older person and a comfortable one for a new style of community. For example, there is a spoky response to criticism, but from kimos you should carefully negotiate the pardons, and the lyudin should cry out. Who can comfortably quickly walk through the key theses and fraternize to the right, but there is a need to discuss details and to a greater pace of dialogue.

It’s important to know the special lives of the old person – it’s important, if people can know about it. For example, we will forgive the zavdyaki to the food – “Can you tell the yak at once?” – I knew that one colleague was working on the folding process of separation, and for the other dad in reanimation through an accelerated writing. Especially life is infused into productivity. The turbo and empathy will help you to open up, and then you can immediately send the command to the command.

Respect for the specialty of lightweight

# 5. Hit the structure

Zm_st one-to-one lay down in a personal context, a prote є classic algorithm, behind a yak varto, straightforward.

1. Make contact. Deliver a little special food about the ancestor – self-respect, homeland, robot pose. Take the help of additional help to relax and see yourself in safety.

2. Guess the bags of the last year. What about you home? Chi is all into the Viconati? What is the folding window that is needed from the side of the kervnik?

3. Negotiate progress. Determine the results and projects and positive feedback from the team.

4. Analyze the problem (per consumer). For example, there are low indicators of efficiency and conflict among the team.

5. Summarize. Ask about some crocs and feed them in an easy feedback – sing it out, as the forerunner thinks about the plan.

Get the optimal triviality of the game (from 30 to 60 minutes). More importantly, nemaє senseu, also important trimati focus.

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# 6. Set up developing food

One-to-one is a dialogue, not a speech of a clerk. Companies, in front of local ones with an authoritarian style of management, have not yet formed a culture of a vocal sound, and managers are not very smart, as Chergov’s ability to self-assert. I also know the butt of a kervnik, which comes to the local office every 3 months and vicorist one-to-one as a chance to skip on your work problems. The price is great and great for the productivity of the command of dosvid.

For example, in one of the great businesses, de I pratsyuvala, top-and-line management without carrying out one-to-one with pidleglimi. We were mentored by the HR team for 1.5 rocky days: they started a quick guide to supervising for an hour of performances, they helped skeruvati rozmov as needed. Proceeding has become a prideful practice – and in small people there was a lot of admiration for the performances.

Klyuchove on one-to-one – the feedback of the worker: what the very same tsіkavit, hvilyuє, motiveє. Ale to bring the patient to tsiogo maє the same kerіvnik: actively hear and put the development of nutrition. Smell add help to the foreman independently to generate solutions – like and what you want to know – and not just give orders. Growing nutritional value:

  • induce kar’єri of the patriarch
  • yo professional development
  • Productivity Adjustment
  • accept from command

Put on the flexible feed:

1. “Yaki your kar’єrni ochіkuvannya?”

2. “Do you have any plans for professional development?” (it is more important to eat, I often forget about yak, – a lot of fakhіvtsіv don’t conceal the car’s ambitions, but don’t hesitate to develop yak expert)

3. “If you want to reach your next role in the company?” (allowing the intelligence, a ready-made teacher is available to the pace of development)

4. “What do you need to know and what tips you need, how do you want to develop?”

5. “How can I help you, how can I help your development – you can, do not need additional knowledge, mentoring, internship in the other department?”

6. “Who can help you yourself – for example, I am a Kerіvnik who my colleagues with their functions?”

7. “What kind of working skills are best for you? What for? ” (it’s good, people’s marriageє a navichok і tse demotivuє, chi navpaki – new wiklici drive)

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8. “Do you have enough tools and resources?” (usіkh – knowledge, training, software security too)

9. “On your thought – how robochі zavdannya lead you to the spot, and who – navpaki, galvanize the development?”

10. “Do you want to see the dynamism of your professional development in our company?” (as ni, but the motivation is strong, – є the great risik vigoryannya and zvilnennya)

11. “Are you comfortable with your team?”

12. “Evaluate, be weasel, on a 10-point scale of your satisfaction with the robot?” (even if not at 10 – tse point vіdlіku, soob zzumіti and prynuti nadolіki)

13. “Would I stimulate you to come to the robot?” (based on the main motives – the team is ready, ambitious, the company is stable)

14. “How are you like in the team, and how are you in the company?” (it is important to distribute, more, for example, the protagonist can be trimati collective, ale to bring nasty processes)

My practice has a tsikaviy case. We were held one-to-one – I was a mentor for one of the top managers and the pidlegloy. Kerіvnik presented the possibility of becoming a head accountant, protector, responding to the development of nutrition, and she knew: you don’t want to, it’s more to develop in the most direct way, but in 3D design itself.

For the manager, the price came as a shock, moreover, she put great hopes on the teacher. I recommended wondering at a glance at a sportsman and business – a profitable profit: Lyudin was taken away to the robot of the world, and the company closed a vacancy on a motivated internal candidate (just in the first message).

A year later, an internal assessment was carried out for the pratsіvnytsi and they were transferred to the central viddіlu – there were already 10 years of work, and it was successfully completed by the curriculum vaults of the design. Also, remember to remember about deception and development of people, and not just about consumer business.

Literature, it is possible to take more butts of developing food:

  • “Strong questions for qualitative change 500+”, Alla Zadneprovskaya (2019)
  • “Strong Questions for Team Coaches,” David Clutterbuck (2018)

# 7. End on positive

The result of a properly conducted one-to-one є:

  • a clear plan, like a rosum and a pidtrimu pratsivnik
  • motivation for development and drive

Do naprikіntsі feed in a colleague – how in a new enemy from a start? Chi є pobazhannya, what is it about the offensive time? You may, have lost food, you were seen by those who were the forerunners who wanted to be able to do this and who made it possible for them to take their navpaks up to their heart’s content.

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