8 recommendations for the correct design of pages for business in social networks

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Stick to one style

People spend more and more time in social networks – various platforms have united millions of users around the world. Social networks serve not only for entertainment, but also for finding the necessary goods and services. This made SMM one of the most promising areas of marketing.

A business page on a social network can be a good source of traffic and leads, as well as a tool to increase awareness brand. The SMM sphere is now in an active stage, the audience is changing, and the services offer new functionality for marketing. That is why we propose to understand the peculiarities of page design.

Photos, pictures and other design elements should be consistent in the same style, well combined with each other. Pay attention to content, colors, filters, fonts, etc. Do not take the first images you see just because you like them.

Your page should not look chaotic and incoherent. After all, even from standard photographs and templates, you can pick up combinations that are in harmony with each other. This will help the visitor to create a single image of your page.

The same applies to accounts on different social networks. Marketers or designers often strive to create a unique design by adapting branding elements to the characteristics of each social network. It seems that this is the right approach.

But in reality, this can lead to negative consequences. After all, recognition by the target audience is an important indicator for any brand. But it will not be if you arrange different accounts in social networks. You shouldn’t make them exactly the same either, but you need to adhere to a single concept. One recognizable element can be used.

2. Less formality and more informational content

Unlike blogger pages, thematic forums and other places for lengthy discourse, the business profile page should contain images, supplemented with specific and short text. The text of the publication should reveal the message and idea of ​​the image, without taking away from the user his personal time to read a long description.

Having a detailed content plan will allow you to think in advance and prepare everything you need for publications. This makes it possible to convey only important information to the target audience.

3. Avatar and cap should be memorable

Profile header is the weight of the top block in your profile, namely nickname, avatar, name, signature, links, eternal links, eternal stories and their covers. A good nickname is not a long, sonorous and memorable nickname. It is advisable to do without numbers, extra characters and underscores.

The name is one of the main elements of the profile involved in the search. Indicating your own name is relevant for famous personalities, but if you are not yet one of those, then it is better to write what your account is about.


Avatar is the first thing that yours see subscribers, and in the news feed it is also a thumbnail. When choosing an image for an avatar, think about how informative (readability) it retains in this form? Will the meaning and content of your account be conveyed?

There are different options for designing an avatar. If it’s a company, a logo is selected. It will serve to increase brand awareness. For an expert or micro-business, a neutral portrait. In this case, it will be easier to gain the trust of the “face”. You should not write small text and add unnecessary details. Make sure the colors are in harmony with the cover.

4. Avoid stock images

It’s important to use secure images for your profiles. These are those for the use of which there is no material or reputational liability for copyright infringement.

The best solution is to use your own photographs, even if taken by yourself and not by a professional photographer. Such photos can best convey the characteristics of your business. In addition, they neither arouse the interest and trust of users.

If you sell products of your own manufacture, then you should not post photos of similar, but strangers. Hiring a photographer for one day is not so expensive, but the captured photos of goods along with the process of their production will be enough for you for a long time.

Stock images on Instagram

As an option – buy photos on photo stocks or use photos with a free license. But in this case, it may turn out that the same photos are used not only by you, but also by your competitors.

5. Attention to the description

The account description is a test of your ability to express your thoughts succinctly and succinctly. If you advertise your store, then the description should sound USP – a unique selling proposition. It’s just that fabrics offer everything, and you, for example, offer natural fabrics. If you are a blogger, briefly explain why it is worth following you.

If you want to get subscribers, then the description should be composed in such a way that it attracts and interests them. You should also include hooks-hooks – seasonal discounts, free shipping, quick exchange, etc.

Don’t forget about contacts, a call to action, an active link to the site, if you have one. The link in the description must be shortened using a special service. Try different descriptions and test the display of your page in the search, be sure to look from different devices.

6. Use calls to action

A call to action means a short statement aimed at an immediate response from the user. This is an easy impetus to buy, go to a website or page, subscribe, etc. Whether or not you succeed in doing this depends largely on the correct wording.

A call-to-action button can be placed under the cover and linked to the desired page. The button option is selected depending on the specifics of the business and the needs of the target audience.

7. Timeless Instagram Stories (highlights)

Timeless Stories are Stories pinned to the profile header below the main information. They do not disappear over time.


The purpose of Eternal Stories is to answer the most frequently asked questions and work out objections. It is important to post a sufficient amount of information, but at the same time not to overload the header with “rounds”. Experts recommend creating 5-10 such Stories, think over their subject in advance.

It is worth providing information about the brand, uploading a service catalog, price list, ordering, payment and delivery conditions, reviews, etc. This will help you save money time to conduct correspondence with customers, and for them to make a purchase decision.

8. Different formats for different social networks

If horizontal photos are better for Facebook, then for Instagram – vertical ones. The sizes of pictures adapted for each network will make your profile more convenient and easier to understand. Each site has its own requirements for the number of texts in publications. And even emojis are slightly different too.

Don’t forget about the peculiarities of displaying avatars and covers on different devices. They usually look different on the web, app, and mobile versions. With this in mind, you will avoid clipping images in the wrong places.

Proper business account design will help you successfully develop your brand and turn social media into a source of new customers for your business.

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