Active maintenance of personal social networks: 5 for and 5 against

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Arguments “for”

Over the past decade, the importance of social networks in our lives has been significantly transformed. If before a personal account was something like an Internet photo album for friends, now it is already a whole personal brand that can bring income, success, and can lead to job loss, quarrels with friends and other troubles. Let’s figure out in more detail whether or not it is worth sharing your life on the Internet.

Social media often helps us develop our careers and personal lives.

Arguments "for"

Professional growth and advancement. Social media provide us with an amazing opportunity for continuous development. Through posts, we can promote our professional services, share successes, spread information in various communities, exchange opinions, etc.

Useful acquaintances . It is with the help of social networks that we can find a job pretty quickly – you have probably heard about the theory of the six handshakes. And in general, using our account, we can easily establish the contacts we need – with a manicure master, a representative of a bank or our clinic. It also allows us to easily complain about an organization when something happens and get a quick response.

Expanding the boundaries of communication. The more actively you talk about your life in social networks, the attract more subscribers. Accordingly, you can make friends with some of them in real life, and with someone you can start interesting communication on the Internet.

Create an attractive image. Your account is just like a “photoshop” capable of highlighting some aspects of your life and retouching others. This helps us to create a certain Internet image that we need, which, for example, will attract the opposite sex or potential customers of our services, and in addition, such an image often helps us feel more confident,

Having a supportive audience. As the saying goes, there are never too many subscribers, and we are always glad to see them. And the more of them we attract, the more confident and significant we feel. In fact, with the help of subscribers, we create a whole microcosm in which we play the main role.

Arguments against

The constant “hanging” in social networks also has its disadvantages.

Blurring the boundaries of personal and professional life. If you do not carefully filter your published content, then this is fraught with a lot of not very pleasant situations. For example, the boss may see that on the weekend you flew to Italy with your girlfriends, and then he is unlikely to be happy to add your salary. Or your entire department will be happy to “wash your bones” after seeing your photos from the strip plastics lesson.

Escape from reality. The Internet world is very different from our real life, and the less it suits us, the more often we escape from it there. For example, you can post bright, colorful photos with your handsome husband, hiding from everyone that he is an unemployed alcoholic who offends you. Or you blog “Happy Motherhood” and cry every night in postpartum depression. This disregard for reality will only lead to the fact that the problems will only get worse.

Waste a lot of time . Social networks take away a lot of time and energy from us, which we could spend on something more meaningful – a walk with a child, communication with parents, etc. And the more active our account, the more hours we spend in social networks, being distracted by “likes”, comments, reposts, etc.

Loneliness. Life and communication in social networks is very different from our real communication. On social media, we are light, fast and invariably positive. The abundance of such artificial communication often leads to a feeling of deep loneliness. Especially if a difficult period has come in life, and our account is not at all suitable to advertise it.

Excessive “nakedness” of our life. If you record every step you take in social networks, up to a cup of coffee in the morning, you run the risk of causing only negativity in others. In conditions of information satiety, such “white noise” will only irritate your subscribers and unsubscribe from you. Plus, being overly candid about your account can lead to big problems. For example, your boss is unlikely to like your thoughtful post about how you are not appreciated at work. And your husband is unlikely to be happy to read in a public space about why you are unhappy with him.

Analyze your relationship with social networks – perhaps it is worth building certain boundaries in running your own blog and reducing its impact on your real life.


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