Detoxification: Steps to Detoxify the Body

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What is detoxification?

Detox preparations, detox treatments and even detox spas – getting rid of toxins has become a trend and synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. But let’s take a look at what proper detox is and what makes us feel better.

Detoxification of the body is the neutralization and removal of harmful, toxic substances – toxins from the body. Separate natural and artificial detoxification:

  1. Natural detoxification

Cleansing the body of toxins occurs without the participation of third-party substances and hardware procedures. So our lungs remove carbon dioxide, the skin – lactic acid, the liver produces substances that neutralize toxins, the kidneys remove toxins in the urine.

  1. Artificial Detox

Artificial detox is a complex process, it is carried out either directly by doctors (such as, for example, hemodialysis procedure), or under the supervision and recommendation of doctors (administration of serums, intake of sorbents).

If your body has not been exposed to active toxic effects, you do not suffer from serious kidney and liver diseases, do not abuse alcohol and do not take drugs, for good health you just need to stimulate the natural cleansing of the body. Our body is able to cleanse itself effectively, but sometimes we overload it, and the cleansing organs start to work worse.

When does the body need a detox?

You have probably noticed that after feasts with an abundance of fatty and fried foods, sweets and alcohol, the state of health noticeably worsens. Even after a few days, you may feel nausea, fatigue, and pimples may appear on the skin.

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Here are some signals from the body that you should start thinking about detox if you notice:

  1. Rapid fatigability, feeling of tiredness that does not go away even after a long rest, drowsiness.
  2. Digestive problems: bloating, flatulence, nausea, heartburn, constipation.
  3. Unaccustomed feeling of fatigue even after the usual physical activity, unwillingness to go in for your favorite sport, to maintain the usual level of physical activity.
  4. Skin problems – the appearance of acne, deterioration of complexion.

Today there are a lot of detox courses and programs on the market, but it is not at all necessary to spend thousands of hryvnias and radically change your lifestyle. For basic cleansing, you can independently compose a detox menu and support the body with the right dietary supplement.

Products for body cleansing

Competent cleansing begins with normalizing the diet: we exclude harmful dishes and enrich the menu with products that contribute to healing and cleaning. What to include in a wellness menu?

  1. Water and herbal teas.
    Make water your number one drink. Herbal teas with chamomile and mint not only help cleanse the digestive system and lymph, but also have a positive effect on the emotional state. Avoid coffee, strong tea and, of course, alcohol.
  2. Apples.
    Apples and apple juice contain pectins – substances that promote the removal of metals and harmful chemical compounds from the body from the body.
  3. Green Smoothies
    Twisting leafy vegetables into a healthy smoothie mix is ​​a great solution. Celery improves kidney function, dill prevents harmful cholesterol from forming, fennel is rich in vitamin C, asparagus cleanses the liver.
  4. Artichoke.
    Artichoke cleanses the liver and activates the production of bile, which helps the body break down fat. This vegetable is rich in fiber and has antioxidant effects.
  5. Beetroot.
    Beetroot stimulates cell regeneration, which is especially important for the liver, and also has anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects.

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Vitamins & Detox Supplements

It is not always possible to consume detox products in the right amount, so it is better to support the body with natural supplements.

The natural complex “Detox System” by Amrit is created on the basis of extracts of ten plants, which have shown their best cleansing properties. Supplement contains:

  • natural hepatoprotectors – milk thistle and artichoke extract;
  • flax seed extract;
  • antioxidants – extracts of grape seed and currant leaves;
  • natural source of iodine – kelp extract;
  • burdock root, dandelion root extracts;
  • extracts of rosemary and elecampane.

The dietary supplement will help to naturally cleanse the entire body, especially the liver. Plant components help the body to get rid of toxins more actively and increase resistance to negative external factors.

Natural sorbent “Mycoton” from Amrita will help you quickly eliminate the effects of acute intoxication and support the body during the detox course. This enterosorbent with an antioxidant effect and a powerful sorption capacity is safe, it will restore good health and help to recover from errors in the diet.

Rules for effective body cleansing

The first and foremost rule is to follow an accepted detox diet. Do not wait for the result if you drink a green smoothie in the morning and enjoy a shank and beer in the evening. Exclude from the menu semi-finished products, dairy products, fatty and spicy foods, foods rich in starch.

Do not aggravate the stressful period in life by switching to an unusual diet. Business lunches and coffee breaks are not conducive to healthy eating. The best time to detox is on vacation, or at least a quiet work schedule with no burning projects or deadlines.

Before starting a cleansing program, be sure to consult with your doctor. Eliminate plant-based intolerances, discuss calories, and be sure your doctor approves the selected dietary supplements.

To effectively cleanse the body, you need a little – desire, a little discipline and the right dietary supplement! Buy natural detox products from Amrita and stay healthy!

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