Effective Instagram Marketing: One-Stop Business Tips

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Decide on the goals

Only the lazy have not heard about e-commerce and the wide possibilities of the Internet for the development of almost any business. And Instagram plays an important role in this. The secret of such popularity is explained by statistics – about 500 million people use this social network every day, more than 12 million users are registered in Ukraine.

But Instagram is not only beautiful photographs of food or relaxation. Various target groups can be distinguished here, which will make it possible to promote any, or almost any, business here. It is important to use some tools that will make it an effective marketing tool out of an entertainment social network. We will talk about them further.

No advertising campaign can solve many issues at the same time. It is optimal to choose 1-2 goals to be achieved as a result of such progress. Among them may be:

  • to acquaint the audience with the company, brand, products;
  • increase loyalty to an existing brand;
  • increase awareness;
  • create a community of potential and real customers for further communication;
  • promote goods or services.

But these goals are, let’s say, abstract. To understand whether they have been achieved or not, you need to enter the key success factors (they are also KPIs). This is already specifically digitized data:

  • number of subscribers;
  • engagement for specific publications;
  • number of comments, likes;
  • the number of people interested in a product or service.

You can find a large number of different metrics in your Instagram business profile settings. You can use them, because any assessment is better than no assessment.

Эффективный Instagram-маркетинг: универсальные советы для бизнеса

Make a content plan

“Planning again?” – many of you will ask. That’s right – and don’t even think about missing this important point. Why is it so important:

  • Regular content update at least once a day leads to the fact that Instagram starts offering such a page in the Recommended feed. And this, in turn, leads to an increase in subscribers.
  • You constantly interact with the audience. You are remembered all the time.
  • Posts appear not when they write, but according to a strict schedule, which takes into account the periods of activity of the target audience depending on the day of the week.
  • Automatic posting services exclude the possibility of missing posting – everything comes out in that order.

Also, keep in mind that there are several types of content. As the main one, choose the most suitable one for the purpose, for example, a selling one. Also, do not forget to add training posts, show the workflow, and on Fridays – something entertaining and themed.

It is also very important not only what you write about, but also how you do it … Now we are talking about the fact that when opening a profile, several common components in all pictures should pay attention to themselves (namely, the user sees them first of all). There are several recommendations here:

  • Find your colors. There are 2 ways to go here. The first stipulates that the same shades will be everywhere. 2-3 of them are enough, you can safely dilute the rest. The second is based on the color chain. For example, if the first picture has a blue background, diluted with white and yellow, then the next picture should have a background white or yellow.
  • Only one font. Decide which all the inscriptions on the photo will be executed in the font, the mailing will be carried out, the site will be designed.
  • Find your filter. It’s like your own style – there can be only one. It makes your photo look professional, even when taken with your phone.
  • Work on the composition. To take a photo that you want to open, or even better – to buy a product or service, you should contact a professional specialized photographer. You can try your hand yourself – no one forbids this.

Use hash tags and geotags

Hash tags are a kind of search words by which you can be found on Instagram. There are several features and guidelines here:

  • the number of hash tags that can be applied is unlimited;
  • do not put tags in the middle text , for this it is better to allocate space at the end of the post or in the first comment (which we personally like a little more, because the huge list does not interfere with reading, and comments are used as a tool to increase visibility for the social network);
  • come up with your original hash tag , post it first, caption your photo, ask your followers to do the same;
  • don’t write long phrases , and even together.

Эффективный Instagram-маркетинг: универсальные советы для бизнеса

Geotags help the user to find a company located in a specific location. If you work only in a specific city (for example, a restaurant), then you need to specify this information in this type of tag. It will allow you not to waste your efforts, and it will be even easier to find you.

Use Stories

Since this option was launched in 2016, it’s hard to imagine a high-quality promotion of a business account. The broadcast time is only 15 seconds, but here you can place photos, videos, use various effects. It is worth highlighting several reasons why Stories are necessary: ​​

  1. The reach is increasing. If a user is subscribed to a large number of active profiles, then be sure that he simply cannot view the entire feed will become. But the stories posted on top are watched by many more people. You can also announce major publications using this tool.
  2. Increase engagement. Stories can be used to post things that are not included in the feed. Here you can launch a live stream, poll, poll, test consumer preferences and much more.
  3. The ability to set up targeted advertising. There is less competition here than in the feed, and therefore the cost is lower.

Эффективный Instagram-маркетинг: универсальные советы для бизнеса

Test different post ideas

Remember one simple truth: there are no “working” or “broken” ideas. There is something that suits you, your goal, target audience, brand, product. And there is something that will not work. That’s all!

To find your recipe, you need to try, analyze and correct. This is a normal process. There are several recommendations here:

  • post posts on the same day of the week, at the same time;
  • you should evaluate the indicators after the same period of time, for example, 24 hours;
  • use Instagram statistics, comparing the same indicators.

And if you really like some idea of ​​a post for Instagram, but your users do not like it, then do not use it.

Use UGC content

UGC is custom content, i.e. prepared by your (or not yet your) subscribers. How it works:

  • the user posted a post, story, wrote a review mentioning your brand, product or service;
  • you place this content on your page, but you must indicate authorship.

This motivates others to share publications, comments, increases engagement. And you can take ideas for your content.

Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves holidays and gifts, especially if you don’t have to pay for it. Your subscribers will participate with great interest in the contests and giveways you offer. But here it should be remembered that such events will be successful if you offer:

  • an interesting and not the cheapest prize;
  • easy execution conditions;
  • optimal timing (too fast – many will not have time to take part, and long duration leads to a loss of interest).

The conditions depend on the goals: if you want new subscribers, ask to subscribe by specifying friends, promote the post, increase the reach, indicate the need to share the publication in Stories.


Be sure to launch the promo- posts

These are advertising posts shown to your target audience in the feed. The type of publication and targeting settings depend on the goals:

  • to ensure traffic – post a photo of your products;
  • sale announcement – in the post the product, old and new price or discount percentage, the button to go to the page in the profile.

There can be a lot of ideas, as well as the desired results, so do not think in a formulaic way. You can also contact SMM specialists who will help you solve this puzzle.

Don’t even dream that you will be able to promote yourself without advertising and money investments. We admit that you even succeed, but you will spend immeasurably more time, while losing sales.

Summing up

On Instagram, as in the case of organizing any other business processes , you need planning and organization. If you think that you can periodically do something, and it will somehow go by itself, then this is a big misconception.

To achieve a result, you need to use different methods and channels, but what to focus more on , and what is less depends on the goals. Decide what you want to achieve, make a plan, move according to it.

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