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Improving children’s health ahead of the school year

Not so long ago, the parents were happier than their students at the start of the holidays, but summer flies by very quickly and imperceptibly. Sadly, there is very little time left until September 1. As a rule, children, especially preschoolers and younger students, happily go to kindergarten or elementary school. It is much more difficult for parents to “go to first grade”.

Of course, the child’s readiness for kindergarten or school (both physical and psychological) depends on the parents. With the beginning of the school year, the load on the student increases sharply – health problems may begin. The best treatment for all diseases is prevention. In the fall, children’s immunity will be tested for the strength of acute respiratory diseases and coronavirus, autumn cold snap and seasonal rains. In addition, children come to a new team, which also complicates the situation. Chances are that the whole class at school or a group in the kindergarten will get sick several times.

Hardening and walking barefoot

Now, when the nights are already cool, the optimal time to start hardening the future student. It is advisable to fall asleep with an open window and a room temperature of 18-19 degrees C °. Take a cool air bath in the early morning or evening before bed.

If possible, be sure to lead the child barefoot. Most likely, you will have to remember the golden rule of pedagogy – a personal example. Together with you, he even reluctantly will agree to walk barefoot on the grass, pebbles, sand.

Дети купаются в тазике

Teach your child to take a contrast shower and cool bath. Start with a water temperature of 36-38 degrees and gradually lower the temperature by one to two degrees.

It is very important that tempering activities are carried out regularly, and you do not need to focus on only one of the factors. Remember that air, water and sun are your helpers at any time of the year.

Proper nutrition

Food for a child should be healthy, nutritious and as useful as possible. Children need much more energy than adults, so there is much more fat and carbohydrates in the children’s menu than in the parent’s. At the same time, a couple of times a month, the child should be allowed to eat junk food, chips, hamburgers. Adhering to strict prohibitions will only force the student to spend pocket money on prohibited foods. Pamper your little ones occasionally and gradually cultivate a food culture.

Daily routine

Now is the best time to painlessly organize your daily routine. The sooner you start lifting your child early in the morning and going to bed before 20.30-21.00, the easier it will be for you in September. While the child’s body still has time to smoothly move to school ups and downs.

Полезная еда

Gymnastics & Sports

Again, you will have to remember about a personal example and start doing warm-ups, exercises, exercises for the back, abdominal muscles, bends, squats, etc. Daily exercise strengthens the spine and back muscles.

Does the child need a sports section – it’s up to you. Playing sports disciplines, teaches you to a certain rhythm and allows children to grow up psychologically. It is not necessary to make him an Olympic champion, the main thing is to give him the opportunity to receive the correct and useful sports load.

The right backpack or knapsack

The first and most important purchase for your student is a satchel or backpack. It is important that it is strong, of high quality and follows the anatomical back of the student. A good backpack is the key to the health of your children. They will need to carry a large number of school supplies and books with them, and the weights reach several kilograms, so they need to be chosen very carefully and meticulously.

Ребенок в резиновых сапогах


As a rule, no one thinks about this accessory in the summer heat. And only with a lingering autumn rain do you realize that your shoes will get wet here and now. Therefore, it is important to purchase good quality rubber boots in advance that will not leak. In autumn, dry feet are a kind of guarantee of children’s health.

Favorite talisman

Impressive and gentle kids just need to put their favorite thing in their backpack, which will help them adapt to the new environment. A stuffed toy, a small car, a favorite doll – be sure to put something in your backpack that will help your baby survive your absence and wait for his return home.

Correct prevention of helminths

Parents, as a rule, do not speak about this nuance out loud.

But dirty hands, fluffy cats-dogs “to cuddle, stroke”, unwashed fruits and vegetables are found in the life of every family, both children and adults.

Helminths are insidious in that their presence will nullify all parental efforts to strengthen the immune system and improve the health of children. In addition, the students’ academic performance falls and their ability to learn decreases. Even if the test shows a negative result, but your child is absent-minded, complains of pain and bloating, increased fatigue, pale skin and poor appetite, increased salivation at night and constipation, you should think about whether he has worms.


A safe, effective, without side effects dietary supplement “from worms” for the whole family was developed by the specialists of the Amrita company. Prevention of helminthic infestations and the expulsion of parasites from the body will be much more effective when both children and parents take the anthelmintic drug at the same time.

The drug “Helmivir”, intended for the prevention of the whole family, adults and children from 14 years old, is created on the basis of natural ingredients (Amur velvet bark, elecampane root, tripoli herb, thyme, horsetail, centaury, birch leaf, walnut, sage, plantain, tansy and garlic). It creates unfavorable conditions for helminths, helps to remove round and tape parasites from the body, improves intestinal and stomach motility and enhances the secretion of all glands of the digestive system.

Buy “Gelmivir” and protect your family from helminths.

Happy school year for you and your student!

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