How to get Instagram followers for your company page

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How to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram?

Many entrepreneurs lack a clear understanding of how Instagram can help promote their business. But this visual platform as a marketing tool is gaining momentum every day – many entrepreneurs, companies and brands are active, attracting their part of the target audience of millions of users. In addition, Instagram provides all the necessary functionality for maintaining business accounts with access to statistics, the ability to conveniently communicate with potential customers, find products and services, etc.

One of the most important tasks for the owner of any commercial Instagram account is a set of subscribers. Later in the article we will tell you how to do it correctly without using dubious methods and investing a lot of money.

If you are determined to do serious work and search real customers, then immediately exclude the options for any markups or the purchase of other people’s accounts. A large number of bots and subscribers who are not interested in your products and services are just numbers, not promotion.

Some simple and clear steps will help you not only get your first subscribers, but will also work to increase your audience.

Can you make money on Instagram

Start with friends

We hope that Instagram is not your first social network. There are likely to be contacts on other online platforms as well. You just need to go to “Settings” in the “For subscriptions” section and subscribe to all your friends. In turn, they will be able to follow you as well. Instagram counts all your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks.

If you have a lot of friends, but not all of them can become the target audience for a specific project, then it is better to subscribe manually, rather than using a button “Subscribe to everyone.”

Mutual PR with budding bloggers and companies

Bloggers of different “scales” willingly go to barter. Naturally, if you still belong to the category of beginners, then you should not count on cooperation with large brands. There are many ways to provide mutual services. The simplest one is that you are recommended in a post, and you repost it in a story. You can find a blogger who will become your expert, write posts for you and talk about them on his page. This is both free content and mutual exchange of subscribers.


Tags allow you to distribute information on social networks and blogs on themes enable users to find it in a search. The correct use of hashtags helps to increase page traffic and, accordingly, gain subscribers if they are interested in the information.

Links wherever there is contact with the audience

Besides social networks, there are several other places where you can find your followers. For example, if you communicate on Telegram, you can leave a short description and a link to Instagram there.

Do not forget about corporate and personal mail – links can be left in letter signatures. If you plan to make Instagram a strategic promotion tool, then you can display a block with the latest posts on your corporate website to engage users and encourage them to subscribe.

These are some simple and almost free ways to get your first subscribers. Others can be used – any means of interacting with the audience can produce positive results. It is important to remember simple rules – not to be annoying, to be useful and persuasive.

From 1000 to 10,000 subscribers: tips for promotion

Further growth of the audience will require investments. But they can also be made as reasonable as possible if you approach the matter competently.

Targeted advertising

You can spend your entire budget on advertising, but you never get the desired result. And all because your products and services will be offered to those who are not at all interested in them. Targeting, on the other hand, allows you to select those who fit the description of your target audience from the entire huge number of social network users.

Targeted advertising on Instagram has its advantages:

  • parameters of the target audience are precisely set ;
  • provides the ability to easily launch and track the performance of ads and offers;
  • statistics are provided.

But there are also disadvantages. This is a rather high cost, the lack of subscriber data in the statistics, and some other nuances.

Buying ads in other groups / publics

To buy a place in other groups, you just need to select the appropriate group with a large number of followers and agree with the owner about placing an advertisement with a link to your account.

The advantages of this method – the place can be bought relatively inexpensively, large audience coverage. But there are also disadvantages – difficulties in determining the target audience, it is not easy to track the statistics of an advertisement, the authors of a public can wind up subscribers in order to attract advertisers, but such placements in “dead” groups will not give results. The method is more suitable for companies with a wide target audience and without reference to geographic location.

Buying ads in other groups


If you want to quickly gain subscribers, then it is worth investing in prizes that will interest users. You can become a participant in the drawing in exchange for some action – a subscription, a repost, etc. With a good prize, the post will quickly go viral and bring many new subscribers.

But it is not worth launching sweepstakes if there are still few subscribers – Instagram has a rather complicated method of holding them, so many people will not participate in them. And there is also the likelihood of a response from people who, after the competition, simply unsubscribe from your page.

10 proven ways to get followers on Instagram that you can use

If you want to provide your account with followers in soon, we suggest using the following tips.

  • Create a clear strategy

Decide on the goal that you want to achieve with the help account on Instagram, think over its subject matter, create a content plan for at least the next month. Write short, but succinctly, interestingly and competently.

  • Don’t let people forget about you

To keep your subscribers active, you need publish 1–2 posts daily. This can be done in various formats – ask questions and connect subscribers to the discussion, tell different stories, share life hacks, talk about new products, specific products or services. It is desirable to publish posts at the same time. You can do it yourself or using special services.

  • Get the most from your competitors

This will help you assess the situation with the number of subscribers in your niche, determine the popular types of content, the frequency of posting, how competitors interact with the audience.

  • Work on the design of the profile

Profile is the first and main point of touch with subscribers. You need to use keywords in the name and login, as they are indexed on Instagram, choose an original, bright and understandable photo, write short abstracts in the description, add clickable links.

  • Publish live- video

This function may well be used by business representatives. In order for a video to receive many views, you need to determine when there are most subscribers on the network, publish a post-announcement in your account, start recording at the appointed time.

  • Use photos that attract

Pictures should not only be of high quality, but also correspond to the theme. Photos should make you stand out from the crowd of publications. Try to avoid search photos that are found at every turn. It would be nice if these are just your pictures.

  • Think of hashtags

You can use events and places in which are your followers, interests and hobbies of the target audience, holidays, popular products, etc. It is better to place hashtags in the comments so as not to draw too much attention to them.

  • Don’t forget about geolocation

You can find out where your followers go and tag them. Travel notes are a versatile topic. They can be placed literally on any pages – after all, learning the world is great at any age, social status, being a representative of any profession.

  • Don’t let your subscribers get bored

To do this, you need to mix different types of content – videos and photos, long posts and short descriptions for photos, stories about business, family and leisure. Focus on what the audience perceives best and how they react to different types of content.

  • Subscribe to other accounts, comment on your followers and other bloggers

It’s like forging friendly relations with new neighbors. Praise someone’s lawn, give someone a cake, and help someone deliver food. Similarly, on a social network – show interest, read posts, write comments. But only without the usual phrases and lonely emoticons.


Instagram loves being active. He’ll be happy to promote your posts if other users like them. If you do not have enough time to work on the page on your own, and, most importantly, create high-quality, interesting and unique content, then it is better to pay for the services of someone who can do it perfectly.

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