How to Promote Your Beauty Salon on Instagram and Facebook: Practical Tips

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A few words about why this is needed

Do you have your own beauty salon, but not as many clients as you would like? Are competitors stepping on your heels? You’ve probably heard a lot about the fact that everything can be promoted on Instagram and Facebook – and orders are growing by leaps and bounds. And this is true, but with a small caveat – you need to correctly approach such a promotion, because what you may consider an insignificant trifle will be expensive (and it’s not just about money here and now).

We are sure that you also have a personal page on these social networks. There you read the news, follow bloggers, maybe order something or get creative ideas. And if you imagine that in your city most of your potential customers also use Facebook and Instagram, then it becomes clear why it is worth using this channel for promotion.

This option is suitable not only for large salons with a name, but also small beauty establishments, for which they cannot afford to create their own website. But it is important to understand that registering an account is needed not just to have it. With its help, you can solve such important business tasks as:

A few words about why this is needed

  • tell potential customers about yourself;
  • establish communication with the audience, increase their engagement;
  • inform about services, news, promotions and other events;
  • position yourself, form a certain image.

In fact, the possibilities of social networks are very, very wide, but to achieve success requires consistency in actions, which is why you cannot do without a strategy.

Promotion of a beauty salon on Facebook and Instagram: where to start?

Start from the very beginning – register a salon page in social networks. In order to access various additional tools, this one should not be a personal, but a business profile. If you already have an account, then proceed to the next step – filling.

Next, you need to fill in the profile header. It would seem that there is absolutely nothing complicated here, but it is here that a number of mistakes are made. Remember, they are greeted by their clothes, i.e. the initial opinion is added precisely by what you have written there and how it is done. Also, at this stage, they make a decision – to look further or close the page, so if the header is not well-formed, the posts will simply not get through.

Things to consider:

  • Profile photo. This can be a salon logo with its name or a thematic photo. But the image quality must be high. Don’t be stingy – hire a designer who can handle this task. If you don’t know which is better, go through the profiles of competitors – choose something opposite to them. This will allow you to stand out and build up. For example, most people have animation, so take a photo of a real person.
  • Account address. This is your name written in Latin. It must be unique (as opposed to a name). Basically, this is the address to be searched for. Here you can use the combination name + city. Don’t use numbers.
  • Profile name. Use the language of your audience here. Believe me, Ukrainians will not look for the name of the salon in French. You should also avoid using handwritten fonts. Adding keywords to the name will only simplify the search, for example, beauty salon + name, beauty salon + city, service + city.
  • Description. And here, perhaps, one of the most difficult tasks – describe in 150 characters who you are, what you offer, how you differ and how to find you. Be sure to include at least the key services, address or phone number for the appointment, a call to action (Sign up right now – it may work). Additionally, here you can post information about promotions, write a slogan or USP. It is strongly discouraged to write hashtags – you take away valuable signs and also take the visitor away from your page.
  • Use emojis in your description – they add variety to even a dry description. But it is important to remember about the measure – you should not abuse them.

What content to post on the page of a beauty salon?

Having a profile on social networks is just the beginning. Next, you need to responsibly approach the content: it should be useful and interesting. Otherwise, no one will read it, they will begin to unsubscribe from the page. The target audience will be interested in the following areas:

  • Informational – tell us about new products (paints used, cosmetics brand, procedures performed). Show not only the “product”, but also the result of its application.
  • Educational – a little theory and practice will only do you good. Record master classes, describe the features of certain procedures, conduct reviews of devices, etc. Professional secrets and life hacks are a great way to interest clients.
  • Commercial – don’t forget to sell your services. This can be done by informing about ongoing promotions, discounts, posting advertising posts.
  • Entertaining – interesting stories, photographs, comic images, congratulations are well received by the audience.
  • Engaging – This includes contests, polls, discussions. This type of content requires almost nothing from the user – only personal participation. But it will help increase loyalty to your establishment.

What? Where? When?

Now, here are a few key recommendations, the observance of which will make the promotion of a beauty salon on Instagram and Facebook more effective:

A few words about why this is needed

  • Remember! The page should be maintained regularly , not occasionally. Otherwise, competitors will quickly take your place (and not only in social networks, but also in the brains of potential and real customers).
  • The optimal frequency of posting is 1-2 per day (you can skip the weekend). Specifically, the time can be determined experimentally – post a post and see its statistics. Please note that attendance and audience response differs depending on the day of the week.
  • Photo quality comes first. Well, what a beauty salon if the photos are blurry or dark? If you do not know how to show beauty, then you will not be able to do it – this is exactly what potential clients will think. And you don’t always need a professional photographer (although friendship with such a person will come in handy). You can also take decent photos on your smartphone.
  • In order not to frantically come up with a theme for the next post or not to develop a contest during a client’s haircut, develop a content plan. In it, describe the topics and frequency of publications a month in advance. You can even prepare some texts in advance.


  • Use stories. This tool is very effective. Here you can upload photos in the process of work, conduct surveys, etc.
  • Save “Selected stories”. They can be grouped, for example, “Prices”, “Reviews”, “Our products “.
  • Reviews are a must. Ask your customers to write about you on social networks. Do not be shy about it – such a manifestation costs nothing, but brings a lot of benefits. To thank you, you can offer a discount on your next visit.
  • Hashtags and geotags are required . It is on them that the search in these social networks is carried out.

If you have few subscribers in your profile, then where can you get them? If you are promoting yourself on your own, then go through your personal friends and relatives – these are your first clients. You can also visit your competitors’ page and start subscribing to their subscribers (just remember about the limits on the number of such actions per hour).

A little more about paid events

Successful promotion without money is a myth. From time to time you will have to launch ads and contact bloggers. A little about paid advertising:

  • Targeted advertising will let you tell a wide range of people about you. An informational occasion may be, for example, a message that you have opened, ongoing promotions and discounts provided, etc. Do not forget to specify georeference in the settings. Experts also recommend creating your own target audience for an advertising campaign.
  • Recommendations and positive reviews beauty bloggers work much better than any ad. But there are a number of risks and peculiarities here. First, not all cities have a decent blogger. Secondly, you will not be able to influence or moderate what is written about your salon.


Summing up

In today’s reality the more likely to succeed is the one who is present on social networks. A beauty salon account on Instagram and Facebook allows even a small business to effectively promote, expanding its client base. Do not forget, because all this is done for the sake of the ultimate goal – to earn more. When deciding whether to use promotion in social networks, you need to consider the following:

    • profile header must be framed correctly;
    • beautiful photos and interesting, useful content are a must;
    • paid advertising is indispensable, therefore, even at the start of a project, a certain budget is needed;
    • each establishment requires an individual strategy, depending on the characteristics of the target audience, procedures, size, etc.;

a content plan will allow you to organize your work.

Independently promoting a beauty salon in social networks, while simultaneously managing a business or serving clients, simply will not work. To achieve a result, it may be worth considering attracting specialists who will help you quickly organize everything. After all, when a person wants to be beautiful, he goes to you, and does not have a haircut at home in front of a mirror.

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