How to properly plan your vacation and save money on it. Part 1

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Rule 1. Buy a tour or tickets + hotel in advance.

Summer is coming and many people start planning their vacation. It’s not too late to buy the tour of your dreams, but you shouldn’t delay it at all. Everyone understands how the price can rise if you buy a tour or air tickets “back to back”, as well as in the hottest season.

Our team is not only experienced financiers, but also experienced travelers. We have prepared for you a selection of our golden rules that help us not only save money, but also make money on our travels. We have divided the article into two parts, so that you have the opportunity to gradually understand each of the rules.

So here’s our selection. Use it to your health!

Vacations on budget

The golden rule is “plan ahead and save.” Many people know about this, but for some reason they don’t. But earlier booking can save up to 80% of the price of the tour or hotel reservation.

The world has long been ruled by intelligent software that manages prices on the fly. Programs and computing power are now cheap due to the fact that there are so many computing centers around the world.

Such calculations on the fly have become so cheap that you will be given an individual price for flights and hotels based on your Internet behavior (which is stored in your browser history), the number of your requests, and even the time you spent in search of your ideal trip.

But the laws of business, supply and demand have remained the same and say: the fewer applicants for a tour or ticket, the cheaper it will cost you. And very often applicants for the same tour or ticket are less than six months before the tour than two weeks.

Booking profitable flights and tours is an art, but an art that can be mastered by subscribing to specialized forums and social media accounts. Recently we met a post of one of the travel bloggers (travelers) on the topic “How to buy a ticket to Sochi with luggage for 1200 rubles”.

Someone will say “well, you need to read it, figure it out.” You have time to sit at the computer, with the phone in hand, in social networks. Just subscribe in the same social networks to travel bloggers and those who write about organizing profitable trips. These are people who make 60 trips a year and they certainly know everything about profitable travel. You will save, or rather earn a big sum on their advice.

Make memories, not debt

How to choose bloggers (we are now more about Instagram)? Oddly enough, according to the number of subscribers, there should not be very many of them. The fact is that travel bloggers with a million subscribers, due to the volume of their audience, receive a lot from hotels, tour operators and airlines for free, so over time they stop understanding economical options. It is better to choose those who have just started and gained from 10 to 100 thousand subscribers. They try very hard and make a great selection of tours, flights and tips on how to save money on the spot.

Use also sites for the selection of inexpensive tours, for example Pirates of Russia, they have great deals in terms of price, but in terms of quality, you will need to think and choose.

Rule 2. Look for a lower price for the same quality, do not stop at the first option that comes across.

You can always get the same for a cheaper price. There are always several options to go on vacation at a bargain price (except for the summer cottage and the neighboring lake). Many have switched from buying tours to buying “hotel + flight”, but this is not always profitable. You need to count, look for options and calculate. In our closed financial club we have accurate and detailed instructions on how to save on travel and how to find the cheapest flights. How to save money on a hotel and when to choose a tour instead of a self-purchase.

We in the team have been traveling for a long time and use our knowledge of rational savings to the maximum. Why not, even if you have decent sums at hand. After all, it is better to save 50-60-100 thousand and spend them on another trip, for example, a weekend, than to overpay them for the same trip to a hotel, tour operator, hotel booking service and airline tickets.

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