Off-season beauty: the secrets of autumn care

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Autumn Skin Problems

It’s almost mid-October on the calendar, a real golden autumn outside. It’s time to get out your favorite sweaters and pick the matching scarves and hats. And, of course, along with the clothing revision, it is worth revising your cosmetics. Yes, creams, masks, scrubs, peels are also seasonal and require an autumn replacement.

Now the skin, accustomed to the summer heat, is rebuilding and adapting to the prickly wind, lack of sun, temperature extremes. At the same time, the weather is unstable – a sharp cold snap gives way to warmth, rain and wind – to clear sunny days. And ahead – winter cold. The skin has a hard time, especially if during the summer it was exposed to intense tanning and insufficient protection from the active sun.

  • dryness caused by dehydration and impaired barrier function;
  • thickening of the stratum corneum (which means dullness and roughness), especially if you tanned diligently and neglected to exfoliate so as not to wash off the tan;
  • hyperpigmentation is another consequence of communication with the sun;
  • hypersensitivity – skin reaction to colder temperatures and dry autumn air;
  • redness is a reaction of blood vessels to a cold snap.

Девушка на приеме у косметолога

Skin care in the fall consists of the following elements:

  • gentle cleansing and exfoliation;
  • enhanced hydration;
  • food;
  • protection.

Skin cleansing

In autumn, it is not recommended to use too harsh cleansers. It’s best to switch to a milder cleanse that doesn’t strip your skin of moisture. Replace harsh gels and foams that contain surfactants and dry out your skin for softer, creamy cleansing products. Be sure to rinse off makeup with milk before washing your face. It is recommended to clean dry skin with oil-based products – they will help to retain moisture in it.

Try Amrita’s Revitalizing Facial Toner or Micellar Water.

Gently cleanse the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, refresh and tone the skin of the face, tighten the pores. “Micellar water” is lighter, tonic – richer. Provides light lifting and normalizes the pH balance of the skin. Free of parabens, silicones and mineral oils.

Skin peeling in autumn

Autumn skin peeling differs significantly from summer one. Replace your coarse scrub with a softer one (preferably an oil-based one). The ideal peeling for autumn is products with fruit acids and salicylic acid. They effectively remove dead skin cells without damaging it.


Light face creams that you used in the summer are recommended to be replaced in autumn with more nourishing and moisturizing ones. They will create a powerful barrier that will prevent moisture loss in the skin. It is important to select night creams with regenerating components – the top layer of the skin is normalized and restored.


Check out Amrita’s face creams:

All of them perfectly moisturize and slow down the aging process, stimulate the natural processes of skin renewal, smooth the skin microrelief and promote rejuvenation. A specially developed formula from Amrita with phytomelanins, mucin, aloe, green tea, violet, kelp extracts, black cumin and rosewood oils, provitamins E, A, B5 helps restore skin elasticity and the formation of natural collagen. They effectively reduce deep static and expression wrinkles and give the oval of the face clear contours.

In general, to moisturize the skin in autumn, it is useful to use serums for the face – they moisturize well and restore the skin’s hydrobalance. They often contain olive oil, collagen, shea butter and other useful components.

The active components of Amrita serums – mucin, leufasil and hyaluronic acid – increase skin elasticity and firmness, smooth out static wrinkles, provide long-term skin hydration, effectively soften the skin, create a protective film.


Please note that rainy autumn is the ideal time for rich creams with hyaluronic acid, mucin, vegetable glycerin. The fact is that they seem to “attract” moisture from the environment, which is abundant in autumn, and “give” it to your skin. Thanks to these creams, the skin becomes more nourished and elastic.

Skin nourishment and protection

Nourishing masks

In the fall, summer moisturizing napkin masks, films and foams are better replaced with more oily, greasy, nutritious ones. Ideal autumn masks – based on white clay and glycerin. They perfectly nourish and smooth the skin.

If you love natural cosmetics, you can make your own autumn nourishing masks at home.

Hit of autumn – pumpkin mask with honey and fiber.

Mix a tablespoon of foil-baked pumpkin with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of Amrita Pumpkin Fiber.

Carrot mask with cream and oatmeal.

Mix a tablespoon of grated carrots with a tablespoon of cream and a tablespoon of oatmeal. & nbsp

This homemade autumn carrot face mask is a super hydrating and easy-to-make miracle cure. It nourishes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

Питательная маска из тыквы и моркови

Lip and eye protection

What else is worth remembering in autumn is the protection of lips and skin around the eyes. In the cold season, the skin of the lips and eyelids needs the same protection as the skin of the face. To protect them from cold weather and chapping, it is enough to stock up on a good nourishing lip balm – preferably oil-based, and a good eye cream.

Amrita Aqua Fluid Eye Contour 30+ and Nourishing Eye Cream 40+ are perfect for the care of both eyelids and sensitive skin around the lips. They reduce expression lines around the eyes and make the contour clearer and more expressive.

We don’t just nourish the skin properly

Still, the appearance depends not only on cosmetic care, but also on the lifestyle, daily routine and adequate sleep.

Be sure to fill your diet with baked and raw vegetables, herbs, nuts and autumn fruits.

Drink plenty of water and try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Be beautiful and joyful with Amrita cosmetics.

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