Sevastopol: ancient Chersonesos, the lights of Balaklava and the fabulous Fiolent

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How to get there

Sevastopol is a port city on the southwestern coast of the Crimean peninsula. Here you will find the historic center, distinctive coffee shops, and parks that lead to the sea. In addition, one of the most beautiful locations in Crimea – Balaklava and Fiolent – are located in Sevastopol.

How to get there

Airplanes fly from Moscow to Simferopol all the time, the price of a round-trip ticket starts from 6000 rubles *.

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Upon arrival, you can get to Sevastopol by regular bus (runs from 4:30 to 21:00) or taxi.

Be sure to check your mobile tariff: on the peninsula, almost all Russian operators work in roaming mode. You can buy a local “Volna” SIM card at the airport terminal.

Where to stay

Where to stay

Sevastopol hotels offer comfortable living conditions and developed infrastructure nearby. It is most convenient to stay close to the center and make day trips to various parts of the city.

Here are some that work well:

Art Hotel Ukraine – from 3100 rubles per night *;
Optima Sevastopol – from 3500 rubles per night *;
Aquamarine Resort & Spa – from 10400 rubles per night *.

What to do in Sevastopol?

What to do in Sevastopol?

Go to Chersonesos to remember the great civilization that once existed on this earth, and see the historical monuments of the past. And when you get hungry, be sure to visit the cozy cafes and restaurants of the city.

Visit museums

Visit museums

Tauric Chersonesos

Chersonesos is a state open-air museum-reserve. Walk through the territory of the ancient settlement among the ruins of Zeno’s tower, thermae, amphitheater, medieval fortresses of Cembalo and Kalamita. Be sure to visit the Italian Courtyard. Entrance to the reserve – 200 rubles, excursions – from 175 rubles per person *.

Sevastopol Military History Museum-Reserve

The “Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855” panorama is a must-see place. The building houses a canvas that is included in the list of the 60 largest panoramas in the world. The circumference is 115 meters and the height is 14 meters. The composition is based on battle scenes. The cost of excursions is 500 rubles per person *.

Black Sea Fleet Museum

One of the most visited sights of Sevastopol. The museum keeps many exhibits dedicated to the Black Sea Fleet from the moment of its foundation in the 18th century to the present day.

The museum has eight expositions associated with a specific historical period. For example, Hall 4 tells about the participation of the Black Sea Fleet in revolutions and the First World War. The exhibits include a part of the foremast from the battleship “Prince Potemkin Tavrichesky”, personal belongings of Lieutenant P. P. Schmidt, and a golden award weapon. Entrance ticket – 100 rubles *.

Take a walk in the parks by the sea

Take a walk in the parks by the sea
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Victory Park

The park has a central alley with singing fountains, a monument to St. George the Victorious, many secluded paths for lovers of walking alone. Here you can arrange an evening run or a picnic among the cypress trees. All the trails will lead you to the sea, where it is especially pleasant to admire the sunset and leave the pebbles from the pier into the sea surface. At any time of the year, you can buy drinks on the embankment, refresh yourself with pasties or hot dogs.

Matrossky and Primorsky Boulevards

Matrossky is the first boulevard in Sevastopol, built in the 1830s.

On it there is a monument “In honor of the 100th anniversary of the invention of radio by A. S. Popov.” From here you can go down a wide staircase from the City Hill to the main entrance to Primorsky Boulevard.

Installations, fountains, restaurants and cafes await you there. On Primorsky Boulevard, you can admire the sea sunset while enjoying the creativity of street musicians. Lovers of architecture will appreciate the splendor of the Lunacharsky Drama Theater and the building of the Art Museum. M.P. Kroshitsky, built at the end of the 19th century.

North side: Uchkuevka park

A separate item on the program can be a trip by boat to the northern part of the city. A short walk will be remembered by the waves beating against the side of the ship, views of the embankment and the famous monument to the Scuttled Ships.

On the North Side, you should definitely go to Uchkuevka Park: stylish recreation areas with swings and sun loungers are equipped on wooden platforms, there are many playgrounds for children, and there is a skate park. All paths, according to the classics of the genre, will lead you to the sea. The coastline is occupied by the beaches of Lyubimovka and Uchkuevka, which are loved for their sandy coast and photogenic red rocks.

Drink coffee and have a delicious lunch

Drink coffee and have a delicious lunch


Panoramic windows on Aivazovsky street, dozens of plants and a creative atmosphere – it is easy to feel the spirit of the city here. There are always fresh baked goods on the shelves, unobtrusive music in the speakers, and postcards and decorations from local craftsmen are on sale. Look here for the most delicious cinnamon rolls in town.


Small coffee shops at the stops of Nakhimov and Ushakov. They offer hearty bowls, oatmeal with tomatoes, avocado toasts. As for drinks, we recommend trying the signature latte “Salted Caramel” and “Pear-Turmeric”.

23 Café La Brasserie

A piece of France in the city center. It’s worth heading here for crispy almond croissants and a glass of sparkling wine. The place will definitely appeal to lovers of luxurious interior: mirrors, candles, paintings, velvet red chairs. In the warm season, a summer veranda is open, from where you can slowly observe the life of the city.


A cozy restaurant is compactly located on Ochakovtsev Street. The Greenhouse is full of flowers, among which canaries live, accompanying the tranquil lounge music. The menu includes salads, cream soups, bowls and main courses – everything that is so beloved and familiar.


The cafe is located in the Gagarinsky district and will certainly become a frequent place for residents of the Aquamarine hotel. The path to the establishment lies through Victory Park – a great chance to combine a pleasant walk with a long-awaited lunch. The BOUQUET garni menu includes French breakfasts, eclairs with various fillings, farm cheeses, pastas and risottos.

A day in Balaklava

A day in Balaklava

Balaklava Bay is loved for its picturesque views, mild climate, comfortable beaches, historical sights and yachting trips. Get ready to fall in love forever with this special place, celebrated for centuries by Russian poets and writers.

Cembalo Fortress

The Genoese Fortress is the main attraction of this southern city. The remains of Cembalo are located on the slope of the Fortress Mountain, from where magnificent views of the bay and the Black Sea open up. The fortress is open to the public around the clock, admission is free.

Nazukin Embankment

The main walking route in Balaklava is the Nazukin embankment. Here you will see Balaklava Bay and the Cembalo fortress from a new perspective, and you can also eat in restaurants and cafes. There are many boats on the pier to take you to hard-to-reach but even more exciting places.

Beaches: Wasili, Gold and Silver

Vasili is a beach, protected from the wind by a rock wall 150 meters high. The fastest way to get to Vasili is by boat (10-15 minutes).

The Golden Beach of Balaklava is a secluded place where you can enjoy the wild nature to its fullest. Stock up on fruit, a thermos of tea and sandwiches, Golden is a great picnic spot.

There is a bar on Silver Beach with drinks and snacks. It will be crowded here during the season, so we recommend visiting in the off-season.

The Golden and Silver beaches can be reached by boat, but if you prefer an active holiday, go on foot through the mountains. The path runs along the route of the Great Sevastopol Trail and takes from 45 minutes to Silver, and from 1.5 hours to Golden (one way).

Fiolent Locations

Fiolent Locations

Cape Fiolent appeared thanks to the strongest volcanic eruption. Rocks, cliffs, mythical trees, turquoise water – all this makes tourists come back here year after year.

Jasper Beach

Here you can find pebbles of various shades, the overflows of which flicker in transparent water. The lucky ones manage to find small pieces of real jasper.

Near the beach is the Geogrievsky Monastery, and 140 meters from the coast is the Rock of the Holy Appearance (St.George Rock).

Diana’s Grotto

Diana’s Grotto is an amazing natural phenomenon created under the influence of the forces of tides and wind. Photo sessions are often held against the background of the arch, and on the descent to the cape you will find another object for shooting – a swing overlooking the rocks and the sea.

Beach under the lighthouse

The place is also called Bounty or Crocodile. The last name was given for a reason – the rock, peeping out from the depths of the Black Sea, resembles a giant head of a predatory reptile. During the season, extreme divers and divers arrange jumps from the cliff into the water, try their hand at slackline and tickle your nerves on the bungee.

The descent to the sea is not easy: you will need to climb down the sandy rocks, and in some areas use the auxiliary ropes. For families with children, we recommend choosing the more family-friendly beaches – Jasper and Diana’s Grotto.

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