Strengthen immunity in the fall and not get sick: the mission is feasible

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Physical education and sports

Summer heat, bright sun and an abundance of vitamins give us the opportunity to “rest” from viral diseases, pandemic, including. But autumn came early this year. The first rains, a cold snap, and a decrease in daylight hours provoked massive migration from fresh air, from parks and squares to closed shopping centers and cafes, to stuffy rooms with dry air. Many of us, after the summer holidays, went to work, children to school, as a result – streams of people in vehicles with closed windows and hatches. As a result, a wide variety of viruses began to attack us from all sides.

It is possible to spend the autumn cheerfully, actively, and healthily. Here are the top 5 steps to healthy immunity. You have to try a little, but the wellness is worth it.

It is well known that sports are essential to maintain good health and fit. In the case of viral diseases, physical activity increases the resistance of the airways, increases the speed of blood flow, lymphatic drainage, the speed and strength of immune reactions.

Люди нанимаются в спортзале

In addition, the volume of air that the lungs can hold is reduced by approximately one full cup – 250 ml every ten years. From 20 to 70 years of age, the vital capacity of the lungs decreases by about 40% – breathing requires more and more energy, the lungs become “harder”, hold air worse and remove carbon dioxide from the body.

Sports activities stimulate the respiratory system, maintain the elasticity of the lungs and increase their volume. As a person adapts to physical activity, the person’s breathing and lung structure improve.

Aerobic exercise is effective for a healthy respiratory system.

As a bonus, sport gives you a few more pleasant moments:

  • metabolic processes are accelerated, which leads to the burning of fat cells;
  • general immunity and body tone improve, which contributes to good resistance to diseases;
  • playing sports will eliminate alcohol and tobacco smoking;
  • the muscular framework of the human body is strengthened, which leads to the maintenance of good and beautiful physical shape.

You don’t have to go in for sports professionally to stay in shape and not get sick. The main thing is regularly. Choose those types of activity that you like, inspire you, give you a good mood and cheerfulness.

Healthy sleep

During sleep, our brain remains active: it processes and analyzes all the information for the day, filtering the necessary from the excess. In this way, resources and performance are restored. It is not for nothing that the best ideas and solutions come to a person in a dream.

Also, in a dream, new high-molecular compounds are formed, hormones are synthesized, cells and muscle fibers are restored. The body is completely renewed.

With a systematic lack of sleep, the body weakens. Various diseases and disorders are manifested.

  • impairment of memory, attention, coordination and speech. According to statistics, every fifth accident occurs due to lack of sleep;
  • immunity is weakened. During sleep, the immune system synthesizes proteins, cytokines;
  • overeating begins in the afternoon – with a lack of sleep, ghrelin, the hormone of hunger, is produced;
  • developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes mellitus;
  • it is worth adding that a person who has not slept well looks trite – complexion suffers, bruises form under the eyes.

Семья на прогулке

Outdoor walks

The main benefit of walking is the composition of the air we breathe on the street.

The air outside has a much higher humidity, so the breathing process itself turns into a health-improving procedure: there is a natural moisturizing of the nasal mucosa and a reduction in the amount of discharge during a cold. This is why, by the way, walking after the rain is most beneficial. During the promenade, the brain is saturated with oxygen, it improves not only its work, but also all organs. The heart rate increases and the metabolism in the heart muscles accelerates – this is the best workout to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Immunity tends to strengthen during walks in the fresh air, not only due to its beneficial effects on the body, but also because on the street a person encounters a much larger number of people around him than indoors.

As a result, the formation of immunity to many respiratory infections occurs, which more often affect couch potatoes than outdoor enthusiasts.


In the fall, a wide variety of chronic diseases are aggravated and often a sparing diet is simply necessary. The abundance of berries and fruits as a source of vitamins is gradually disappearing. The sun, as a source of vitamin D, also stops working.

In order not to look with horror at the number on the scales and not to complain about feeling unwell, we advise you to cook and eat hot meals in the fall:

  • cook vegetable soups with water and vegetable broth – they will keep you warm when it’s cool, and do not carry extra calories;
  • “Catch” the leftover vegetables – while you still have the opportunity, enjoy the variety of fresh salads and simple vegetable cuts;
  • cook baked vegetables – it’s tasty and quick;
  • replace industrial sweets with natural ones. Of course, dried fruits are also high in calories, but along with carbohydrates they will bring with them vitamins and minerals.


Pay attention to the many phytocomplexes, vitamins and minerals that are now offered to strengthen the immune system.

Amrita offers effective products to better protect the body from viral infections.

“Ankarcin solution” is a biotechnological antioxidant for basic cleansing of the body at the cellular level, restoring metabolic processes in cells and reducing the risk of their malignant transformation. Please note that you need to take “Ankarcin solution” according to a special scheme. It is very important to start the course of application with a solution of the minimum concentration, which will ensure the most harmonious and gradual involvement of active substances in physiological processes.

Antivir is a phytocomplex with antiviral activity to accelerate recovery and prevent complications in infectious diseases.

This combination will help cleanse the body of toxins, activate the “genetic memory of the cell” about how it should work under normal conditions, originally laid down by nature. The general immune defense of the body will also be strengthened.

Healthy autumn without colds is possible.

Stock up on good mood, our advice and buy Amrita phytocomplexes in advance.

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