The insidious consequences of a summer diet: iron in focus

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Foods containing iron:

It would seem that in the summer you are definitely not in danger of lack of nutrients – greens, vegetables, fruits and berries should replenish and replenish all reserves of vitamins in your body. Sunlight improves mood and vitamin D, active rest strengthens and heals.

But not everything is so simple. Iron deficiency occurs most often in the summer. Of all the pathologies associated with a lack of nutrients in the human body, it occurs most often.

The body of a healthy adult contains about 3-5 grams of iron (this is how much a new two-kopeck coin weighs). But 1-2 milligrams of this microelement is excreted from the body every day – with sweat, urine, and sometimes with blood. And the lost must be replenished, otherwise unpleasant consequences cannot be avoided.

The risk group is primarily women due to monthly blood loss, adolescents whose bodies cannot cope with the period of rapid growth, athletes during the period of intense training, vegetarians due to their specific diet.

On the one hand, in summer we sweat especially intensely. On the other hand, the most iron is found in heavy protein foods, which you don’t really want in the summer heat.

It is unlikely that in the summer heat you eat red meat every day – beef and lamb (the redder the meat, the higher the level of iron in it) and organ meats (liver is in the first place in terms of the content of this element).

  • liver (veal, pork, chicken);
  • beef;
  • lamb;
  • turkey;
  • pork;
  • chicken;
  • legumes (beans, beans, peas, lentils);
  • fish and seafood;
  • buckwheat porridge;
  • nuts and dried fruits.

Fruit (the best snack in hot weather) is low in iron. In addition, iron from protein foods is absorbed much better than from plant foods. Up to 35% of iron is absorbed from meat products, and up to 5% from fruits and vegetables.

Овощной салат в тарелке

Iron is one of the main trace elements in our body. The creation of hemoglobin and the work of the hematopoietic system directly depend on it. Thanks to iron, the brain and the entire body as a whole receive oxygen. With the participation of iron, cells and tissues are regenerated, certain hormones are synthesized and the thyroid gland is regulated.

Iron also affects the formation of natural human immunity, which is especially important on the eve of the season of the first autumn colds and the next wave of coronavirus.

Signs of a lack of iron in the body are expressed by the following symptoms:

  • increased fatigue and unexplained memory impairment;
  • incomprehensible head and muscle aches;
  • fragility and hair loss;
  • brittle and flaking nails;
  • sleepiness and poor sleep at night;
  • burning sensation on the tongue;
  • decreased mental and physical activity;
  • shortness of breath on standard exertion.

Unfortunately, changes are not only internal. Your appearance begins to suffer, which is especially annoying in summer – dry, lifeless split hair cannot be hidden under a hat, and peeling nails cannot be covered with gloves.

Девушка с сухими и ломкими волосами

External changes:

  • dull, brittle, “split” hair, which also falls out heavily;
  • delaminated thinned nails;
  • pale, dry, flaky skin that stops responding to treatments and active cosmetics.

Iron: Replenishing Stocks

The body cannot synthesize iron on its own, therefore it is very important to maintain its balance with the help of proper nutritious nutrition. Iron of animal origin, which is found in meat and its by-products, is absorbed most efficiently.

If only the very thought of steaks, fried or baked liver, hummus and bean cream soup causes reluctance to consume all this, and a large amount of protein food “gives off” heaviness in the stomach, special dietary supplements, indispensable for iron deficiency, will help.

Iron-containing preparations are also effective in that they take into account the complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for the successful absorption of iron. This requires ascorbic acid and B vitamins – B3, B6, B12 and folic acid. In addition, iron enters the human body in two versions – ferrous iron and ferric iron. Ferrous iron is found only in protein foods of animal origin and is absorbed in the body almost completely. At the same time, most of the daily human diet is trivalent iron, which is almost not absorbed by the body.


We recommend trying the Ferrum Ballance dietary supplement from Amrita. It is the optimal combination of ferrous iron (an analogue of iron in meat and by-products), vitamin C and folic acid.

Take care of yourself – in the summer “Ferrum Balance” is necessary for the prevention of iron deficiency literally every woman. Taking Ferrum Ballance on the days of monthly blood loss for women will significantly reduce the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia and avoid problems with hair, nails and complexion.

If the situation is a little out of control and your hair-nails-skin is already very eloquently signaling a lack of iron in the body, try in combination with Ferrum Balance to take a 30-day course of Amrita’s Beauty Balance. This vitamin complex is specially formulated to maintain the beauty and health of skin, hair and nails.

Be healthy and beautiful with vitamin complexes from Amrita!

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