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What is a trademark?

Trademarks are gaining more and more popularity. In this regard, the cases of their theft are increasing, so the rightholders decide on additional protection measures – registration of a trademark. In this article we will talk about what is copyright for a trademark , its features and registration procedure. Interesting? Read on.

Speaking of copyright, in most cases everyone represents some kind of literary works, art objects, sculptures, etc. However, trademark can also be classified in this category.

авторское право на товарный знак

A trademark is a certain combination of different elements or words that characterizes the name of a company, product or service.

It should also be noted that a trademark has a number of special advantages, namely:

  • object has no expiration date;
  • by registering a trademark, you have the opportunity to defend your copyright and claim compensation as a result of illegal use;
  • can protect both the names of large companies and the names of individual characters or names of specific goods (services);
  • with registered trademarks you can get a unique domain name that will be valid throughout Ukraine.

Another important question is why you need a trademark at all a trademark .

In case you have made the decision to start your own business or create a brand, then you definitely need to protect it. The simplest solution is just the registration of a trademark. In this way, you will secure yourself legal protection. Of course, this procedure will not be free, but at the same time you can be sure that your goods or services will not be subjected to illegal use by unfair competitors.

If a trademark is not copyrighted: what are the implications?

Trademark copyright is not registered by everyone. And there is a big mistake in this. It is good if the situation does not arise when you need to prove your true rights and defend property rights. However, as practice shows, large, influential and popular brands most often face this problem.

Imagine that you have not registered your trademark, you are calmly developing your business, and now you have reached the level when your goods or services are distinguished by a consumer among thousands of other similar ones. You are popular, you make money and everything seems to be good, if you do not take into account unscrupulous competitors. Do not forget about the category of “entrepreneurs” who want to make money from the work of others. So, after a while you may notice on the market a trademark similar to yours (if not identical). Of course, this will not work for you, since the consumer may switch to a new brand by mistake or due to a more acceptable price. What will you do? Go to court! And here the first question is – prove that copyright The for this sign belongs to you. If you did not go through the copyright registration procedure in time, then it will be very difficult or even impossible. In the opposite situation, when you have on hand the corresponding registration document, there will be no problems. The violator is obliged to stop using your trademark, as well as to compensate you for material damage.

That is why all experts advise to avoid such situations in advance and provide their rights and objects with the necessary legal protection in time.

Trademark registration: what to do and what features?

Trademark registration consists of certain stages and requires special knowledge. First of all, you will need to prepare a package of necessary documentation, draw up an application and submit it to Ukrpatent. It will be quite difficult for you without experience in going through such procedures. It will also take longer.

If you need to register a mark as soon as possible, and you do not want to waste your energy and time, then contact the relevant specialists for help.

The Wise Group company is one of the leading in the field of intellectual property. Our team consists of professional experts who are able to solve any problem and obtain the desired Certificate of Registration for you. The specialist will draw up an individual registration plan for you, fill out an application and tell you about all the features.

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