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Myths about kidney and female diseases

It would seem that the end of summer is the perfect time for vacation and relaxation. The July heat and stuffiness are behind, the sun is gentle, the nights are cool, the water in the reservoirs is still warm. The body, nourished with fruits and vegetables, should be vigorous and strong as ever. The first rains are just a joy, everyone missed them, the first coolness is great, we cool down and cool down.

Ice cream on a cool evening and a slightly swollen throat in the morning will certainly not harm the kidneys. Your throat hurts.

A separate nuance is watermelons. Watermelon juices and smoothies, watermelons for lunch, melons for dinner – many are waiting for the season of watermelons, considering watermelons the most delicious and easy way to remove excess from the body and slightly “clean the kidneys”.

Are the kidneys and women’s health happy with what is happening? Unlikely. Nephrologists and gynecologists know that the flurry of visits (cystitis, nephritis and gynecological diseases) does not occur during the fierce winter cold, but precisely at the end of summer – the beginning of autumn.

  • You were sure that kidney inflammations and gynecological problems are the winter diseases of those who wear miniskirts in severe frost. In fact, they arise not so much from wearing short skirts, but because of a slight, almost imperceptible hypothermia of the pelvic organs and general slight hypothermia of the body.
  • It was believed that watermelons are the easiest and most delicious way to “clean the kidneys”. The nuance is that this is true only if the genitourinary system is in perfect order. Otherwise, the kidneys may become inflamed.
  • Ice cream and slightly sore throat have nothing to do with kidney-gynecology (they do).

Арбузы и дыни

In general, it is the nuances of the “velvet season” – sitting on the already cooled and poorly heated ground, spending the night in a tent when the nights are already quite cool, wearing a wet swimsuit, swimming in cold water and water oversaturated with algae and nitrates over the summer. ice cream on a cool evening and slight discomfort in the morning – all this can become a mechanism that triggers kidney disease and women’s gynecological problems.

After all, the cold itself does not cause health problems – the general hypothermia of the body reduces immunity and, as a result, creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Hypothermia is most often a push, a stress factor that causes a decrease in general immunity, against which an acute infection begins to actively “flourish” in the body.

Moreover, at the time of a decrease in immunity, any infection that lives in the nasopharynx (or any other corners of the body) freely penetrates into the urethra, and from there into the bladder.

If you add to this picture a lot of watermelons and melons eaten the day before, you get the perfect combination of everything that will take you to the nephrologist-gynecologist’s office in a matter of days.

Девушка под деревом сидит на каремате

Safe velvet season:

  • you should only swim in well-warmed clean waters. It is better to avoid an excess of algae and in no case need to go into the water if a “sleeping” fish is swimming there;
  • change after bathing – a few swimwear in August-September is simply a must have;
  • it is worth sitting down on the ground only on insulated cushions. We hide bedspreads, capes and other light fabrics until the next July heat;
  • in late summer – early autumn, many chronic diseases are exacerbated – take care of your body, take measures in advance;
  • do not overuse ice cream on cool evenings. Sore throat and general hypothermia of the body can cause “female” and kidney disease;
  • Watermelons and melons are best eaten in moderation. Watermelon can actually trigger the movement of sand in the buds. But without a special diet and treatment, without a drinking regimen and medical support, the kidneys can become inflamed from this;
  • the best treatment is prevention. Pay attention to nutrition, drinking regimen, vitamins and foods that the kidneys like;
  • start taking dietary supplements, special dietary supplements, renal herbal preparations.

By the way, the need to consume the famous 2 liters of pure water a day is not entirely accurate information. You need an amount of liquid per day at the rate of 30 milliliters of water per kilogram of your weight.

For kidney health, you should eat foods rich in vitamin A. It is usually synthesized in our body from carotene found in carrots, bell peppers, sea buckthorn, asparagus, parsley, spinach and cilantro.

Dishes containing pumpkin are very useful for the kidneys: pumpkin-millet porridge, pumpkin juice, pumpkin baked with dried fruits, etc. Kidneys love pumpkin because it is rich in vitamin E.

Amrita offers several products to help make the end of summer safe and healthy.

Phyto-candles “Vagifloron Forte” will significantly improve your intimate health. They have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. They also have antitumor, wound healing and regenerating properties. Help reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of erosions.

Herbal dietary supplement “Nefrovil Extra” is specially formulated by Amrita employees to reduce inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract. Each capsule contains the optimal combination of dry extracts of birch buds, heather grass, corn stigmas, goldenrod herb, black elder flowers and strawberry leaves. “Nefrovil Extra” has a diuretic and decongestant effect. Significantly shortens the recovery time in kidney disease.

Improve your health at the end of summer with Amrita!

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